Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year from Animal Friends!

2011 got off to a wonderful start at Animal Friends!

Every New Years Eve for the past 14 years, Animal Friends’ staff and volunteers have traveled to local Animal Control facilities to bring back the stray and unclaimed pets who are slated to be euthanized.

Most of the local Animal control facilities that pick up lost and stray pets do not offer adoption opportunities. These facilities work with organizations like Animal Friends to transfer as many unclaimed pets as possible. However, nearly 60% of unclaimed dogs are destroyed. (Dogs must be held for 48 hours after pickup. Sadly, there is no such law for cats.)

During the New Years Eve Rescue, Animal Friends welcomes each rescued pet with open arms at our resource center, where they're vaccinated, bathed, groomed, given a comprehensive medical and behavioral evaluation, spay or neutered, then readied for adoption.

Animal Friends does this for three reasons: to cast a light on the staggering number of pets who are euthanized every year; to promote the incredible rewards of adopting a homeless pet; and to educate pet owners about the importance of tagging and licensing their pet.

This year, Animal Friends was able to save 55 animals -- 47 dogs and 8 cats! Here is a video about our first rescued pet:

Check out this news story about the rescue, too!

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