Monday, February 28, 2011

Another update from our alum, Atticus the cat!

By Guest Blogger Atticus the cat Atticus, a blind cat adopted from Animal Friends, is living up to his promise to keep us posted on his adventures in his new home. He’s shown here resting by his computer after composing his latest blog with a little help from his loving mom, Katie Tontala. Well, I finally got to meet my new brothers and sisters! I was really excited for the big day and couldn’t wait to see how it would go. Mom told me it might take time for them to warm up to me. She said the plan is that whenever I am with my new siblings, she will feed us treats...that way whenever they see me, they will know they are getting treats and will be happy to have me around! Pretty smart, huh? The first few days I wasn’t sure if I liked them and they weren’t sure if they liked me. But now we have everything worked out and we all get along just fine. I guess the treat thing worked! I think my favorite is my brother Jefferson. He comes into my room a lot because he likes my food. Mom says we are growing young boys and between the two of us we eat more than everyone else put together! I love to gobble up all the little tidbits that fall around the food bowls. Mom says my middle name should be Hoover, and between me and Jefferson she may never have to vacuum again!! Dinner time is pretty funny. When mom opens the can of wet food we all come running to the kitchen. Everyone starts meowing in anticipation and it sounds like a musical.(Mom said they were always missing an alto and I just fit the bill!) We all eat our canned food together and I have my very own special place--on the carpet in front of the sink. Did I mention that I now can go downstairs? I had no problem finding my way around. In fact, one of my favorite games is to race mom down the steps. Whenever she starts heading downstairs, I zoom right past her and make it to the bottom before she even gets to the second step! She loses every time! At first she was kinda nervous that I would hurt myself, but I told her to stop fussing. I can tell when I am the bottom because the steps are carpeted and the landing is hardwood. Now she just laughs and says “boys will be boys!” I love it here and love my new family. Thanks, Animal Friends, for giving me the chance to have a forever home. But could you do me one favor? I met some very nice cats there, and sometimes I worry that they haven’t been as lucky as me. Could you stop by and check on them, and maybe even take one or two home so they can have a happy new life, too? I’ll keep you updated! Atticus Hoover


  1. Good for you Atticus Hoover, LOVE happy endings!

  2. Wonderful!!! I love reading what Atticus writes!!!!