Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Day in the Life of Cauliflower the Rabbit

By Cauliflower, with help from Laureen Dzadovsky, Animal Friends' Rabbit Volunteer

8:00 am: I woke up this morning to someone giving me food and hay and cleaning out my cage – what a great way to wake up! I just love hay, and having someone clean up after me is pretty nice too. I have heard some bunnies mention that they don’t like having their cages cleaned out while they are in them, but I’m pretty easygoing so I don’t mind that at all.

I would prefer to start out the day with some sprints and binkys but since no one is here yet to let me out to play, I’ll just settle for some stretches and breakfast for now. I’ll hop up on my hideaway hut and check out what the cats across the hall are up to. Usually they’re asleep at this hour, but some of them are so silly when they start chasing their tails. It’s a can’t-miss show – I’m still not sure why they do that!

10:00 am: Ahhhh, nap time. After breakfast, I like to take my nap before people start coming in to check us out. I really love to roll over on my side and some of the volunteers swear I’m smiling when I roll over (they’re right – I do smile when I’m on my side since it’s so comfy and relaxing!). It’s rare that anyone sees me sleep on my side though, because I’m a pretty shy guy. (If you ever see a bunny sleeping on his side, his body language is telling you that he feels safe, secure and relaxed!)

11:00 am: Once everyone starts rolling in, things get pretty active around here. People are in and out, talking to us (which I love, especially when they tell me I’m handsome!) and reading up about what each of us bunnies are like. Remember that I’m shy, so I don’t typically come to the front of the cage right away. I take my time but I do enjoy seeing everyone. It’s great to have visitors!

6:00 pm: The volunteers arrive to let us out to play! Woohoo!! I love playtime! I get to run and play and spend time with my best bunny friend Donegal. We like cuddling together. She’s my sweetie. And playtime gives us a chance to stretch and exercise our minds – we need a break from the cage for sure! Not only that, but the volunteers give us lots of attention too.

10:00 pm: Well, that’s it for now. That’s a regular day here at Animal Friends for me. As nice as I have it here, it could be better if I had my forever home with someone to love me and play with me every day. It is my dream and I hope it comes true soon! For now, I’ll say goodnight and start a new day over tomorrow with hopes that it will be the day I find my forever home.

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