Friday, March 11, 2011

Every Dog Deserves to Have His Day

By Guest Blogger: Christine Line, Animal Friends Communications Team

Happy Friday! Many of you animal lovers out there have probably read the story this week about Wall-e, a stray dog who was euthanized... and survived.

The story is incredible. A little dog from Sulphur, Oklahoma - injected with lethal doses of a sedative twice? The picture of this little guy is enough to capture your heart, let alone his amazing tale of survival.

But what's even more heartwarming is the number of people who want to adopt him. Repordedly HUNDREDS are emailing and calling, wanting to give this unique canine a forever home.

At Animal Friends, we are so happy that Wall-e's story has touched thousands of people's hearts. We know he will find a wonderful home. But we also hope that this pup's survival inspires others to stop by our shelter to meet other equally amazing and unique dogs.

Every homeless animal has a story, just like Wall-e. Some of our animals have seen parts of Pittsburgh undiscovered by most. Some have lived through unbelievable tragedies. Some were rescued on New Year's Eve and given a second chance at life. Many have never experienced a loving family.

We're sure of one thing - all of our residents deserve the chance to share with you what makes them special. We invite you to stop in this weekend and meet your very own Wall-e.
Photo credit: AP Photo/Courtesy Marcia Machtiger, WTAE-TV, Channel 4

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