Monday, March 14, 2011

Home Makeover, Cat Edition

By Guest Blogger Siri Espy, Animal Friends' Communications Team

At Animal Friends, all of our residents are special. But one group of cats not only captured our hearts but inspired our artistry to create them a cozy and welcoming temporary home. The “H cats” are finding that, at Animal Friends, life’s a beach.

These cats, stunning with their beautiful markings, arrived at Animal Friends terrified and badly in need of extra TLC. Rescued from a situation where there were too many cats to receive the care they deserved, we knew they were going to be a project.

Several of the kittens were adopted quickly, and kind volunteers were willing to take the scared and shy adults into their homes, providing foster care and a chance to relax and begin to trust people. They’ve now returned to Animal Friends to find their forever homes.

A group of volunteers transformed a bland, uninviting space into a beach-themed room, cozy and warm for the cats and visitors alike. From the artwork on the walls to the netting and colorful cushions, the room is a relaxing oasis for the H cats while they await their new families.

Ranging in age from one to nine years, these cats adore other cats. They would make ideal companions for a lonely kitty, or two (or three?) would make a great ready-made family. They remain frightened in the busy, noisy environment of the shelter, and we can’t rely on them to show off their true potential. A slow approach, lots of play time and cat treats will help these shy felines blossom in a loving home.

We hope you’ll come by to visit Animal Friends and meet our special friends: Hampton, Hamster, Helix, Henry, and Hyena. Visit our web site for pictures and additional information.

Rest assured that these kitties are more than ready to vacate their beachfront vacation property in favor of homes of their own, no matter how humble. Could you be the one to provide them with a special place in the sun and the warmth of a loving family?

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  1. I fostered Henry for 3 months. This scaredy-cat became the cutest, most playful, cuddly lovebug ever! He's timid in the shelter, but he will do a 180 in no time once he feels safe in a home. Henry can purr like a Harley when he's playing or being held & petted. He'd really like to live with another cat he could play with. Do you have Henry's home? He sorely deserves somebody who will love him...:-)