Monday, March 21, 2011

Pen Pal Mail from our Alum, Atticus the Cat

Here’s the next chapter in the continuing saga of Atticus, a blind cat, who’s settling into his new home with his mom, Katie Tontala, as well as some furry siblings. We’re delighted to learn that he is not only an awesome cat, but a great writer as well!

The weather has been getting really nice and I have been itching to go outside. I figured if I sit by the door and purr my little heart out, Mom will feel sorry for me and let me out. So for several days in a row, every time she opened the door, I ran over to the screen door and meowed and meowed...but she just ignored me. Since that didn’t work, I decided I to bang on the door as hard as I could to see if that would work - and guess what? It did!!

Since then, Mom said “Attticus, I will make a deal with you. I will let you go out when pigs fly!” I am not exactly sure when that will happen, but surely it will be soon!

In the meantime, Mom said she would compromise and introduced me to a cat tree in the dining room. If I climb up the tree I can sit at the top or jump onto the window sill. It is almost as good as being outside because I can sit in the sun and when the window is open, I can feel the breeze coming through. I had no trouble climbing up, but at first wasn’t sure how to get down.

Mom took a little ball with a bell in it, and then shook it on the steps she wanted me to climb down on. I just followed the sound of the bell and worked my way down. She only had to do it a few times, and now I know all the steps! Sometimes I don’t even use the steps and jump down right from the middle. It has become my new favorite spot to hang out! Mom just laughs and says I give her 10 new gray hairs every day.

I discovered another neat spot in the house. It’s called the bathtub. I decided to play a trick on Mom the other day. I could hear her looking for me so I decided to hide in the tub. She kept calling my name and I could hear her going from room to room. When she came into the bathroom, I jumped out from behind the curtains and surprised her! She said she found 20 gray hairs that day. Hey – what’s a “little imp?”


  1. Atticus I love reading your updates. Keep them coming!

  2. I love them also, thanks so much!

  3. I think Atticus should write a book. It's definitely one I would read. He could be a great example for disabled children and what you can accomplish, no matter what.

  4. What a great story teller he is! Katie, you're very lucky he found you!

  5. I'm so happy that Atticus is doing well! I have a friend who sells portable cat enclosures if his mom is interested in a safe way to let him out. It's not my company nor do I receive any compensation for a referral. Just passing on the info!