Friday, April 29, 2011

A typical day for our alum, Atticus...

Atticus, a blind cat adopted from Animal Friends, has turned out to be quite the writer! Our faithful correspondent has given us the latest news on his new life (in between catnaps) with just a little assistance from mom Katie Tontala.

A typical day in my new forever home…

6am: Wake up with a kiss from mom: "Hey Sleepy Head-time to eat!” Run downstairs and gobble up a dish of wet food. Sit right in the middle of the newspaper while mom is drinking her coffee and trying to read. (If she tries to ignore me, I bump her with my head until she gives in and gives me lots of rubs behind my ears.) Follow mom up to the bathroom and help her get ready for work. After she leaves, find the 3 wastebaskets upstairs and knock them over. Back to sleep on my favorite chair.

5:30 pm: Run downstairs to greet mom. Follow her around, chatting all the time, while she changes her clothes and “unwinds for 5 minutes.” (I don’t know why she has to unwind – doesn’t she sleep all day like I do??) Race her downstairs and wait for my dinner in the kitchen. Visit all my siblings while they are eating and nudge them away from their bowls so I can smell their food. (I certainly don’t want to miss anything!) Time to scratch and stretch out a bit on the scratching post and then it’s up on the cat tree to digest my dinner.

7 pm: Do a cursory check of the waste baskets to make sure they are still tipped over, make rounds in all the closets to make sure there is nothing new in there, and then help mom check her e-mail. I know she just loves it when I walk across her keyboard while she is typing, so I try to make her extra happy and sit smack dab on top of it (I am doing it right now while she is typing this for me).

8pm: The elusive, squeaky, black, furry mouse rears its ugly head and I kill it by tossing it all over the place. My courage does not go unnoticed. Mom says, “what a brave boy!”, and I am rewarded with lots of kisses and treats. I perch myself on the arm of the couch and relax by mom and my furry siblings until it is time to go upstairs.

9:30pm: Jump up on the bed with mom and my sisters and find my spot at the foot of the bed. Since the bed is high, mom put this little set of steps by the bed and we can all climb up the steps to reach our spots. The lights go out, mom gives us all a kiss and says-“Have happy dreams”… And I always do….I dream that every cat at the shelter will soon have a life like this! zzzzzzzzzzzz

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