Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Get Fit - Walk a Dog!

Guest Blogger: Siri Espy, Communications Team

If the recent weekend is any indication, spring is here! This is the perfect time of year to spend time with a canine companion – it will do you both a world of good!

According to a recent medical research and as reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this week, people who own and walk dogs are 34% more likely to meet federal standards for physical activity. People who walked their dogs had higher levels of moderate and vigorous physical activity. And senior citizens walk longer and faster when they walk with dogs rather than humans.

Don’t have a dog? Stop by to find a new walking buddy who will also give you a lifetime of love. If your current life is not dog-friendly, we can always use volunteer dog walkers. Either way, we guarantee that spending time with a precious pup will be good for your heart. So put on your walking shoes and make the trip to Animal Friends!

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