Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pen Pal Mail from our Alum, Maisie

Maisie, an FIV+ cat, was a long-time resident at Animal Friends, and was adopted on her two-year anniversary with us. We’re delighted that she took the time out of her busy schedule to drop us a note about her new life.

Guest Blogger: Maisie, with a little help from her forever mom, Laurie Sabolsky

I love my forever home! Is this what all the volunteers at Animal Friends were talking about all that time? It's like they built their home for me! I wonder if they did?

I spend my days in my quiet home while Mom and Dad are at work. I don't like to see them go, but Mom always tells me she loves me and that I'm the prettiest cat in the world before she leaves, so I can't say it's the worst! During the day I like to lounge around, play with my toys and sit in the big windows, watching the city birds!

I love when Mom gets home. I always run to the door to greet her, but between you and me, I'm also happy because that means dinner time! I sure do love food! Sometimes if I've been especially good Mom gives me some yummy treats and tells me what a good girl I am! That really makes me feel special.

I like to sit next to Mom and Dad because they're so nice and I know they love me a lot. I like to lay on my fluffy blanket, and I LOVE to sleep with Mom and Dad at night.

I miss my friends at Animal Friends, but I know how happy they must be for me. Please tell everyone how great I'm doing. Off to take another cat nap, love you!


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