Friday, June 10, 2011

Animal Friends Saves Kittens and Cats in Hoarding Rescue

UPDATED June 11, 2011: Animal Friends’ Humane Officers and Police were called to a home in Carrick on Friday, June 10. They discovered a heartbreaking hoarding situation in which cats were suffering from severe neglect inside a garbage-filled home. The cats were in need of immediate care and rescue.

Animal Friends quickly mobilized to save the cats. So far, they have pulled 11 kittens and 7 cats from the house. The cats were dehydrated, malnourished, and completely covered with fleas, scabs and sores. Many suffer from infections. The cats basked in Animal Friends' veterinary team’s care. Those were are deemed severely medically compromised were taken to an animal hospital for more extensive treatment. Two of the females were found to be in labor.

Building inspectors have boarded up the home, which was completely filled with feces, garbage, and insects. (Click here to see photos.) but Animal Friends’ Humane Officer will continue to enter the property to care for and remove the remaining 15-25. At this time, the remaining cats are frightened and may need to be humanely trapped.

Community support of this rescue is critical! We anticipate expenses of up to $20,000 – on top of our ongoing daily care needs – in medical and boarding costs in association with this rescue.

If you have ever considered supporting Animal Friends’ humane efforts, we beg you to do so now. Your help is so needed as we work to make sure these kittens and cats can be saved and placed into safe, loving homes.

Please click here to donate now.

Updates on the situation will follow.

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