Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Atticus and his big test

Atticus, a blind cat adopted from Animal Friends, continues to keep us updated on his adventures, with the assistance of his mom, Katie Tontala.

Last week, after days of banging on the screen door to go outside, mom decided it might be a good idea for both of us if I got out of the house once in a while. So she told me we were going to take a trip back to Animal Friends to be tested.

I must have gotten a goofy look on my face, because mom said, “Don’t worry. It won’t hurt a bit. You are going to be tested to be a therapy cat!” She said it so cheerfully that I knew it couldn’t be a bad thing. Mom explained that there are people who like cats but can’t have one. The visits brighten up their days and help them feel better. So all I would have to do is go on a visit and get lots of hugs and kisses for doing nothing? What a sweet deal!

I sat quietly during the car ride, crossed my toes and prayed I would pass my test. When I got to Animal Friends, a very nice lady did a few simple things to see if I would be afraid of meeting new people and allowing them to pet me. I wasn’t afraid at all! After my test, she told me I was a sweet, handsome and brave little survivor and she knew people would be thrilled to have me visit them. I passed my test! Our next step will be finding a place to visit.

When we got home, Mom told me that I would need to wear a harness on our visits. She had three that I tried on, but they were all a bit too snug on my belly. I guess there will be no extra treats for me tonight!

Bye for now,


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  1. Way to Go Katie and Atticus, you wouldn't believe how proud I am of both of you!