Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Searching for a Very Special Adopter for Spencer

Guest Blogger: Becky DiLucia

This handsome guy is Spencer, an 8 year old Lab mix who came to Animal Friends from a rural shelter. Things were a bit precarious for Spencer for a while. You see, there isn’t a big demand for older lab mixes and there were lots of dogs coming in the door. Cage space was at a premium and Spencer’s time was drawing to an end. Luckily, Animal Friends had room for Spencer and a few of his friends and the rest, as they say, is history.

Spencer is a sweet dog who loves to spend time with people. Anyone with a leash in their hand and time to spend is his friend. A couple of treats never hurts either! He also enjoys the other dogs at the shelter. He might be 8, but we’ve seen him romp like a puppy when some young whippersnapper wants to play with the “senior puppy”. Of course, because he’s past all the puppy craziness (for the most part), he also enjoys his naps and cuddle time. He would love a nice bed and a soft blanket in his forever home.

We all know that our canine companions don’t stay with us nearly long enough. When you adopt a dog of any age, you know that it’s a lifetime commitment, but how long that “lifetime” will be is anyone’s guess. Spencer’s situation is unique in this regard because he has been diagnosed with cancer. Therefore, his adoptive family will know from the beginning that his time with them will be all too short. As sad as this may sound, Spencer does not know he is sick. He doesn’t know that he’s any different from any of the other dogs available for adoption. He doesn’t realize that the search for his forever family will be more difficult than usual. What Spencer does know is that he wants to go home and be someone’s forever dog. Animal Friends is dedicated to giving him that chance.

We would ask that everyone take a moment to ask yourself if you could be Spencer’s forever family. Hospice adoptions are difficult, but very rewarding. In all honesty, not everyone is able to do this. But there are those out there who can provide a final home to animals like Spencer and they are very special indeed.

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