Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Tail of the Red Collar Society

By Christine Line, Animal Friends’ Communications Team

Once upon a time, in our old home way back when, an idea was born – a dream to help older cats, dogs, and bunnies find their forever homes.

For so many years, these golden-aged companions watched longingly as the young ones left with their new families and thought, “Just because we’re older and wiser doesn’t mean we don’t need to be loved by humans of our own. Won’t anyone help us?”

And then the Red Collar Society was born.

Over the past four years the Red Collar Society has helped more than 1,500 senior cats, dogs, and bunnies find homes to call their own. Among its many efforts, the society has become a great educational tool and has become one with our mission here at Animal Friends.

If you’d like to see our Red Collar animals, you can visit our website or stop in and ask to see an Adoptions Counselor. If you adopt one of these very special animals, you’ll also receive a letter, a proclamation, and a coupon for discounts in our on-site retail shop. Plus, you’ll be mentioned in our publications for being a hero – both to us and to these animals who truly need a second chance.

Such is the story of the Red Collar Society, and there are many more ‘tails’ to come. Consider adopting a Red Collar pet, and you’ll both live happily ever after.

Lionel, one of our adoptable Red Collar residents!

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