Monday, July 18, 2011

Animal Friends' Home to Home Adoption Program Presents... Sam!

Animal Friends is pleased to offer an alternative adoption option: the Home-to-Home placement program (H2H). The H2H placement program was designed for those individuals and families who, finding it necessary to give up their beloved pets for adoption, want to take a more active role in the adoption process.

Sam is a gray tabby with beautiful tiger stripes and white paws and chest. He weighs about 11 pounds and is 3 years old.

Sam is a petter's dream. He wallows in contentment, purrs loudly and will take pets on his head and ears as long as you want to give them. He especially loves his belly rubbed and will fall on his back, paws in the air, head laid back in invitation. He is also inquisitive, loving to explore nooks and crannies; and loves to play and tussle with his brother, Roscoe. They will chase each other throughout the house, play hide and seek with each other, and play-fight.

If you can help, contact Rene and Bob at 412.657.7981 or!

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