Monday, July 18, 2011

Animal Friends' Home to Home Adoption Program Presents... Roscoe!

Animal Friends is pleased to offer an alternative adoption option: the Home-to-Home placement program (H2H). The H2H placement program was designed for those individuals and families who, finding it necessary to give up their beloved pets for adoption, want to take a more active role in the adoption process.

Roscoe is an orange tabby with his color blended with a luxuriant white. He weighs about 10 pounds and is also 3 years old.

In football terms, Sam is a tailback rushing for the goal line, while Roscoe is more the quarterback, looking down-field and analyzing the play. Hence, Roscoe seems to be much smarter, is a bit more reserved, observes more and seems a bit more careful. But Roscoe also loves being petted, purrs contentedly, comes often when called and loves to play with his brother and other toys.

If you can help, contact Rene and Bob at 412.657.7981 or!

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