Monday, August 22, 2011

Animal Friends' Home-to-Home Adoption Program Presents... Zoey!

Zoey is a 7-year-old blonde mix of unknown breeds (possibly collie/golden retriever). She is approximately 65 pounds. She has lived with me for the past 5 years but, due to a change in family circumstances, I can no longer provide the level of care and attention that she deserves.

She enjoys meeting new people and other dogs and gets along well with everyone. Her bad habits are that she jumps up to greet people (though not in a violent way at all - she only wants to say hello) and she sometimes likes to scrounge for snacks on the floor or kitchen counter, sometimes choosing to eat paper. Her good habits are walking well on a leash, never having accidents in the house, providing great companionship, and generally being a great dog.

If you can help, contact Jeffrey at 412.715.2675 or

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