Monday, August 29, 2011

Animal Friends' Home-To-Home Adoption Program Presents... Piper!

Hi! My name is Piper. My dear friend Laurie, who gave me such a beautiful name, suddenly passed away almost two months ago leaving myself and several of my feline friends looking for new homes.

I would say that I am an outgoing, personable kitty who loves to be with people and as you can see from my picture, I certainly am not camera shy! I have this habit of rubbing against people's legs looking for affection and attention. My favorite pastime is working in the garden with a human companion. Laurie would fiddle around in the backyard and I would just hang out with her enjoying the sunshine! I am also cool with living the good life indoors too. I have no issues using my litter box and since I've been around other cats my whole life, I would adjust to a household with other felines easily. So I guess you can say all in all I'm an easy going kitty.

At age 9, I'm not young but I'm not over the hill either and at times I like to play like a kitten. We really miss Laurie but good friends of hers have stepped in to care of us. Unfortunately, time is running out for us at Laurie's apartment so myself and my other feline friends need to find new digs soon.

I was recently at the vet's office where I received a clean bill of health and a microchip. All I need now is someone to open their home and heart to me.

My schedule is flexible so if you want to meet me please contact Casey Brown at 412.303.1974 (cell) or You can also contact Lois Liberman at 412.421.5659 or

Thank you for checking out my picture (I'm much prettier in person!) and I look forward to meeting you soon. Peace, purrs and rubs, Piper.

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