Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Animal Friends' Home-to-Home Adoption Program presents...Fuzzy, a Rescued Kitten!

Poor Fuzzy has had it rough. This stray kitten was living outside and was completely covered with fleas. Fuzzy is a social guy and was very lonely, so he went from house to house, looking for someone who would take him in.

Finally, a kind person took him to the hospital, where the vets got rid of all his fleas, then neutered him, vaccinated him, and tested him for FeLuk and FIV. Once he was deemed completely healthy, Fuzzy went home to live with his rescuer.

She found him to be a wonderful, charming and social cat. He likes to follow her everywhere, cuddle with her, and sleep with her at night. She and Fuzzy hit it off immediately, but there was one problem. Her other cats.

Fuzzy, who probably had some scary experiences with other strays before he was rescued, does not like living with other cats. Right now, he is kept in a single room where he can safely live without the company of other felines.

His rescuer loves him dearly, but is seeking a permanent home with no other cats for Fuzzy to live. If you can help, please call 724.266.4649.


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  3. People should be made aware that cats often do not adjust to new cats. This is a big problem. They are more solitary creatures. People should not try to bring new cats into the household unless they are tiny kittens who will not affect the social order.

    I have a similar problem with a rescue and after three years they still barely tolerate each other. It is so sad, but I had to bring him home because the shelter was going to put him down since he would not adjust to the cage. He had to stay in his own room for the first entire year. It is slooooow progress.

  4. Hi Schmidt,

    While some cats are solitary creatures, we know that having multiple cats is the way to go! Many of our shelter cats live together in multi-cat rooms. Those cats, in particular, are more comfortable in the presence of other cats. We also know many, many, many wonderful adopters who live with multiple happy cats!

    You are right that savvy adopters make the transition slowly.

    Here are tips for introducing a new cat to your resident cat (click here):