Friday, December 23, 2011

Poetry by Young Animal Lovers

Young poets at Pine-Richland Middle School and Quaker Valley Middle School were inspired by Animal Friends' work. Read their poetry about Animal Friends below.

Thanks from an Alumni
By Julia Herrle, age 12

Worn, wounded, whimpering,
Left like an old toy you throw away.
Wishing I had a home,
But there was no where on Earth for me to stay.
Animal Friends changed all that;
They were the lifeboat in the stormy sea.
There is always room at the shelter,
Until a good home could be found for me.
Soon, I saw my new best friend in this very room
Animal Friends, rabbits, cats and dogs say thank you!

Our Special, Furry Animals
By Jessica Libby, age 13

Our fantastic, furry friends,
Cute, loving, and nice,
Have been through hard and rough times.
The animals are your best pals,
And most of them are left with no home.
Animal Friends,
Is like a big ray of sunshine,
And a pot of gold.
Animal Friends is everything you want,
When you are feeling sad,
Or when you are alone.
Our fantastic, furry buddies
They are waiting for you!

Bunnies, Cats, Dogs, and Animal Friends
By Melissa Rudolph, age 12

Bunnies hopping around all day long,
With no carrots to nibble on.
Cats stuck in a corner,
With no yarn to play with.
Dogs walking stray on the streets,
Their tails are not wagging.
But there is hope in their future,
Because there is Animal Friends.
They are like sunshine on a cloudy day.
They rescue and save animals every day.
They nurse them back to health,
Then, love and care for them and feed and play with them.
The animals pray every night,
Until that day comes when they are adopted.
Amazing Animal Friends is there for animals with open arms.

Animal Friends!
By Sami Holland, age 13

What is Animal Friends?
Animal Friends is heaven for an animal.
Animals are left crying and alone,
without any hope of a happy life.
But then comes Animal Friends,
a place of hope and promise for them.
“It’s heaven!!!” they yell out loud!
An area to find their next home,
a home of everlasting love!

Animal Sanctuary
By Makenna Laffey, age 12

Lost or without a home,
Abused with no one to love them,
Clinging to life with their last shreds of strength.
These are emaciated, abused animals that would be out there on the streets.
But they aren’t,
They’re safe and warm at Animal Friends.
When you walk through the doors,
You are greeted with a sight as heartwarming as a new baby’s smile.
Every animal that was ever in trouble looks out at you.
If you would have seen them before they came,
You would never recognize them.
They are happy and content,
But can’t wait to have a family of their own.
All of the bunnies, cats, and dogs,
That just came, must have rejoiced at the sight of the doors opening,
Because they knew that they were finally safe and had found a new home.

Sweet Loving Animals
By Abby Morneault, age 12

At Animal Friends there are many things to see.
There are sweet dogs ready to play,
Little cats, who are cute and fluffy,
Also, little bunnies that hop around.
All of these animals are looking for a home.
They are looking for someone to love them.
If you adopt one, they will love you forever
You will have a good friend.
All these animals want is love.
So come and adopt one.
Animal Friends is the coolest place on Earth!

By Calista Gregoire

I am an animal lover
I wonder when all of the animals will have homes
I hear sounds of laughter
I see people smiling, people crying
I want animals to have loving, happy homes
I am an animal lover

I imagine dogs/cats having to go through torture
I feel people can be cruel
I touch the soft fur on an animal’s body
I worry about the animals
I cry when I see animals die
I understand animals are hard to take care of
I am an animal lover

I say animals have rights
I dream of being a vet
I try to help animals in need
I hope animals understand us
I am an animal lover

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