Tuesday, January 3, 2012

61 Animals are Being Readied for New Homes!

By Siri Espy, Animal Friends' Communications Team

TV cameras and newspaper reporters caught the action at Animal Friends’ annual New Year’s Eve Rescue, where this year 61 animals were saved from euthanasia at other facilities and brought to a new beginning at Animal Friends. But for these animals, their arrival was just the first step in their journey to new homes.

Despite the commotion, Animal Friends’ team of staff and volunteers functioned as a well-oiled machine. Upon arrival, each animal received a Disney-themed name, and was taken for an initial medical screening.

Dogs received a quick test to rule out the highly contagious parvo virus, then were taken to be evaluated by the medical team. Members of the Dog Behavior Team were standing by, ready to conduct behavioral tests that will determine what kind of family they will best fit into and what training will be needed.

Several of the dogs presented challenges for our volunteer groomers, as they arrived filthy and matted. Two adorable terrier mixes were a tangle of mats, a sweet Pomeranian seemed to dwindle to nothing when her poorly kept coat was removed, and a Shih Tsu mix was so heavily matted that she had to be shaved down to the skin.

Many of the animals arrived in need of spay and neuter surgeries, which will take place over the next several days, and medical treatment will be provided to those who need it.

The days following the Rescue have been hectic, with staff and volunteers relishing the satified exhaustion that comes from working toward a single-minded goal – helping 61 animals find their way home.

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