Thursday, January 12, 2012

Zapper Finally Let His Guard Down! ...and Found a Forever Home

By Siri Espy, Animal Friends' Communications Team

Zapper arrived at Animal Friends nearly two years ago, completely terrified. Rescued along with dozens of other cats from a hoarding situation, he hissed, swatted and threatened to bite when approached. While some shelters might have labeled him unadoptable, Animal Friends' staff and volunteers worked patiently with him, using food as a motivator to allow human contact.

Their efforts paid off in significant improvement in Zapper’s temperament, as he learned to relax and trust to an extent. In time, he was moved out of his condo and into one of our free-roam rooms, where he lived happily with other cats but remained wary of humans. When potential adopters came to visit, he scurried away and tried to hide. Not a good strategy for finding a forever home!

Last weekend, Zapper’s luck turned around. A kind young woman named Amy arrived at Animal Friends looking to adopt. She had a list of three long-term residents she wanted to visit, determined to provide a home to a cat most in need.

True to form, Zapper scooted out of the way when Amy entered the room, perched on top of a high armoire, looking down with a combination of curiosity and fear as Amy approached. An experienced cat owner with two other felines at home, she knew to move slowly and cautiously. After a short while, Zapper jumped down onto a cat tree and lay down next to another cat snoozing there. He allowed Amy to pet him, soon closing his eyes in contentment. Tears in her eyes, Amy nodded. Zapper was her cat.

This brave little fellow and compassionate young woman left Animal Friends to start a new life together, with feline siblings to keep him company. He is finally in a place where he will be loved, and the slot he has long occupied is empty, ready to be filled by another cat ready for a second chance.

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