Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ainsley needs a home!

Guest blogger -- Ainsley the cat

Hey - I’m Ainsley! If you are looking for a fun, handsome and masculine cat, look no further. I am very athletic. I enjoy sprinting, vertical leaping, gymnastics, soccer, and most activities involving a string. By far my favorite sport is MMA! I excel in grappling, jiu-jitsu, and boxing. I prefer to have a willing feline participant who can go all three rounds.

When not perfecting my latest my Thai techniques, I enjoy lounging. I like to curl up with another cat or beside my human. I love attention and will allow you to pet me all day.

The ideal home for me would be with at least one other playful cat and one or two adults. I am not a fan of strangers, noise, or being picked up. I am always in a good mood and I tend to be pretty gentle. I am an alpha cat, but do get shy around people. I do not like to be locked in or out of a room if it means I am not with my human.  If you are looking for a special companion who will bring you years of laughter and kindness, then let me outta here and take me home!

Want to meet me? Ask one of the adoption counselors!

Animal Friends' Adoption Department
412.847.7002 ext. 1

562 Camp Horne Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Monday-Friday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10:00am - 5:00 pm
Or, apply for adoption online now!

To give a donation in honor of me, visit:

Monday, February 27, 2012

Animal Friends' Home-to-Home Adoption Program presents Odie

Odie is a 20-month old chocolate lab.  He is AKC registered and kennel trained.  He has been neutered and has a microchip tracker (not currently monitored). 

He is a very good dog and would make a great pet for someone with lots of space for him to run.  We keep him on a wireless collar in our yard when he is outside but he needs lots of activity and unfortunately our household is active in other ways.  We are quite sad to say goodbye to Odie but feel that this breed was not the right choice for our family and we want to find a good, active home for him. 

If you can help, please write to Adam & Sandra Bolain at bolaintx@sbcglobal.net or call 412.732.0146.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Leap Day! $29 Rabbit Adoptions!

Happy Leap Day!

Come to Animal Friends on Leap Day (Wednesday, February 29), when we celebrate Adopt a Shelter Rabbit Month with $29 adoption specials for all of our little leapers! 

Adopt a rabbit or a bonded pair of rabbits for a $29 donation. 

Click here to meet adoptable bunnies now! 

As always, all adoption applications are thoroughly screened to ensure appropriate, loving and lifelong adoptions. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Adopt a Shelter Rabbit Photo Contest

In honor of Adopt a Shelter Rabbit Month, we're holding a Rabbit Photo Contest on our Facebook wall!

Here's the details:

1. Post a photo of your pet rabbit on Animal Friends' Facebook wall (click here!). (Domesticated house rabbits only!)

2. Indicate the place where you adopted your rabbit.

3. Encourage friends and family to "like" the photo.

4. On Leap Day (Febraury 29), we will name two winners:
The Animal Friends alum with the highest number of likes,
and the non-Animal Friends alum with the highest number of likes.

5. The two winners will receive a gift basket full of rabbit supplies and goodies!

Ready, set...go!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Animal Friends Hosts First-Ever Speed Dating Event for People and Their Pets

By Jeff Geissler, Animal Friends' Communications Assistant

Nervous butterflies overcame my belly when I turned left to cross the bridge leading to Animal Friends. I was a little early for the seven o'clock event: Must Love Dogs, a speed-dating event for singles and their dogs.

Gentle snow flakes flittered over the dark parking lot while I looked for a space. The number of cars suggested the turnout for the speed dating event was big. Now I was really tense and shaky. I felt like I was going to a major job interview, or actually 31 job interviews all within an hour-and-a-half.

And the job at hand was to seek out romance, a sentiment I haven't found during daily life, blind dates set up by friends, or through some on-line dating sites.

I turned off my car and peered around the parking lot. I could see sillouettes of people's heads next to doggy heads in many of the cars. They were other participants who were possibly also a touch nervous and hesitant about the event. They were all facing the front door to Animal Friends, perhaps waiting for other brave souls to venture before them.

I got our of my car and headed towards the entrance when I was hit with a scary thought. Was I being sized up by the ladies in the cars as a potential mate? Is this snow messing with my hair? Is my shirt collar straight? How does my behind look in these jeans? It was like the brown concrete walkway was transformed into a red carpet.

I slapped on my name tag and entered the event. Lots of dogs of all sizes and breeds. A rather large mutt greeted me with a slobbery lick of my hand and a kiss on the cheek. Normally I wouldn't go on a date with dog dribble on my face. But this was Must Love Dogs. I can use the drool to my advantage.

I lifted my eyes from the dogs and surveyed the pretty ladies and, let's be frank, potential companions. I admit I was slightly happy to be among the minority - we men were outnumbered by almost 3-1. Great odds.

Christy, my co-worker and organizer of the event, rallied us men to sit at a few tables that formed a U shape.

"Group One, you're on!" she announced. Each of the eleven women (the women had been divvied into three groups ) chose a seat across from a potential suitor. We had a little over two minutes with each participant, and my first date was determined to make the most out of that time.

"Have you been married? Do you have kids? How old are you? Do you smoke? Do you go to bars?" she diligently asked. I answered fast and honest. Then Christy blew the whistle.

"Time to move," she commanded. Like a conveyor belt on an asembly line, the ladies stood up and walked to the next candidate. We men stayed in our seats.

Many of the participants had dogs, which made for a few easy opening lines. "What's your dog's name? What kind is he/she? Where did you get her/him?" I'd ask. Although I absolutely love dogs, I do not have one. So I had to explain 31 times that I have cats because I'm just too busy to have a dog.

Some meetings went well--so well that I didn't want Christy to blow the whistle. Other dates were not so good. "Please Christy, blow that whistle," I'd think to myself.

My throat was sore and my voice was cracking by the time the third group came around. I struggled slightly to speak to my date over the fun but slightly loud howls from the dogs. But hey, If you must love dogs, you must love their barks.

We each had a sheet where we wrote the person's name and a check a box to indicated wheather we wanted to see that person again. At the end of the event, Christy gathered the notes and is currently making the connections. She's a temporary Chuck Barris, for those of you who remember The Dating Game.

I usually spend my Friday nights with my good buddy and his two wonderful kids, playing card games and watching Swamp People on TV. As fun as that is, I will not meet a my special someone that way. So I thank Christy for bringing this wonderful idea to Animal Friends. This idea took me out of my comfort zone. And to quote author Brian Tracy, "You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable."

Did I get a connection? Excuse me while I check my e-mail.

Watch for more fun events for people and their pets at Animal Friends! Visit www.ThinkingOutsideTheCage.org.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Animal Friends' Home-To-Home Adoption Program Presents... Clyde!

I so sadly have to give up my little dog Clyde. I am trying to find him a loving home. I am not asking for a fee but I will be particular who takes him. I originally adopted him when he was about 4 months old and have had him about a year and a half....so he is around 2 years old right now. So yes, he still has a lot of pup left in him. He is a mix of black Labrador and our veterinarian seems to think some sort of hound. As you can see in the pictures he looks more like a black lab with the hound body and tail.

One of the pictures I attached shows his size compared to my other dog a full blooded chocolate Labrador. He only weighs about 35 pounds and is tall and lean. He is neutered and is completely kept up on all vaccinations. I will admit he is spoiled; he is a house dog and loves to cuddle. He believes he can talk by looking at you with his mouth open puts out a friendly growl/howl and actually tries to communicate with humans. He also thinks he’s a lap dog. He will pat you with his paw then crawl right up on you and press his neck against you for hugs. He is very loving. He sleeps in bed with either my son or I and feels at home when cuddling against someone. I know I may have spoiled him a bit too much. His personality is outgoing. There are many adorable habits such as he is infatuated with socks.  Try to put them on in front of him and he will steal them right from your hand and just want to play tug.  Also, he loves heat.  He will lie in front of the furnace vent or find you the minute he hears a hairdryer.  

He is great with my 11 year old son and all of his friends that come and go through my house. He has never been around very small children so I truly don’t know how he would be in that situation. As for my sons age…he is great.  My son will actually play football with him and he roughhouses with no out of hand actions.  Also, he has become very attached to my other dog. Even though they may seem to play too rough or wild....it’s what dogs do, and they love each other.  It’s obvious when they lie together and cuddle.  So, if there is anyone that happens to have another dog that may be a plus but is not necessary. He has not had much other interaction with any other dogs.  We have had him at the dog park one time when there was other dogs that had walked by the fence and he ran along the fence barking at them.  The only other dogs he sees are from our front window walking down our street and yes barks at them too.  

Unfortunately, I am in a situation that having 2 dogs is just too much.  It is difficult financially and also with the lack of training.  I work full time and the dog does not get as much attention as I feel he should.  He does need more training that I just cannot give to him.  I must say he is very smart and a quick learner. The few commands and tricks I have taught him he caught on extremely fast.  He just chooses when to actually listen to certain commands again due to lack of consistent training.  I truly believe if he had a loving home with someone who was available to spend more time dedicated to him it would be better for him and that he would grow to be a very well trained dog.  I know as he grows older it is going to take work to train him correctly which I do not have.  I really do not want to have to place him into any type of kennel or shelter.  I hate to see him go to anyone that will not provide for him what he deserves.  And I also know how hard it is to get the older dogs adopted.  I would love to find someone who could be a good fit for my little dog Clyde.  Please to feel free to contact me at any time day or night with any questions.  I hope to place him asap, the longer we keep him knowing we must let him go the harder it is on both me and my son.

Thank you so much.
Lisa Robes
cell 412 215 1295 (the best way during the day m-f )
or home 412 269 2882.
email. oohlalasassy@yahoo.com (anytime)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Charlene needs a home!

Charlene – “Char” to her friends -- was adopted from Animal Friends many years ago as a healthy young dog. She developed insulin dependent diabetes earlier this year. Her adopter was caring for her until recently, when events in his own life caused him to no longer be able to care for his beloved companion, and she was returned to us. We have been caring for Char here in the shelter and she has been an excellent resident and patient. She is ready to find her forever home with someone who understands her special needs.

Char is ten, but she has aged well. She has matured into a lovely dog who still has plenty of energy for walks and play time, yet is happy to relax and lounge around with you in your down time. Char has gotten along well with other dogs she has met during her time here, but would do best in a home without cats. If you have a dog in the home, we’d love to assist with an introduction!

Char's condition does require that she eat a special food, and take injections daily. The medical staff at Animal Friends would be happy to provide training on how to give insulin if you'd be willing to learn. Insulin is one of the few medications where timing matters, so Char's forever home would need to be able to ensure that someone would be available for her every 12 hours. As with any animal with special medical needs, vet visits happen more often and Char's new family should be willing to take on this added responsibility. Char needs to go to a low stress home because, much like humans with diabetes, her immune system is not as strong, potentially making her more prone to infections. We’ve also found that Char has developed some heart valve insufficiency – likely due to her diabetes as well as being an older girl – and she is on medication for that as well. As wonderful as Animal Friends is, we all know that the shelter life can be stressful at times and we’d love to find Char a forever home where she can enjoy her “golden years” with a caring family.

Char is sure to win you over with her soft brown fur and affectionate, loving personality. Once you've fallen in love with her (and we're sure you will!), it's easy to set up a meeting with a member of the Animal Friends medical team to go over the details of her care. If you have the type of home that would work for Char, please stop in to meet her!

If you have questions or can help, contact:

Animal Friends' Adoption Department
412.847.7002 ext. 1

562 Camp Horne Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Monday-Friday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10:00am - 5:00 pm

Or, apply for adoption online now!

To give a donation in honor of Charlene, visit:

Photo by Linda Mitzel Photography

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sorceress needs a home!

Are you ready to feel spellbound? This lively, sweet, and whimsical girl enjoys long walks and playing. She’s a 2-year-old Terrier mix, so she can sometimes be a bit talkative! (We love a dog with a big personality!) She's also got tons of energy for such a little girl! So she would love to go for runs with her new family, or play around in a fenced yard!

Because Sorceress can be a bit excitable, we'd like her to go to a home with older children, as she may be a little too much for the young ones!

Sorceress is bright, smart, alert, and attentive. So if you’re looking for a furry friend with an eager spirit, visit us here at Animal Friends.

Sorceress is spayed, microchipped and current on vaccines!

If you have questions or can help, contact:

Animal Friends' Adoption Department
412.847.7002 ext. 1

562 Camp Horne Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Monday-Friday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10:00am - 5:00 pm
Or, apply for adoption online now!

To give a donation in honor of Sorceress, visit:

Photos by Linda Mitzel Photography

Thursday, February 2, 2012

February is Adopt a Shelter Rabbit Month at Animal Friends!

By Siri Espy, Animal Friends' Communications Team

February is Adopt a Rabbit month, and Animal Friends is hopping with special events to celebrate bunnies! Last year, nearly 60 of these interactive, adorable, often misunderstood companions were adopted, up from only 30 a few years ago. We’re committed to bunnies, and we’d like to help you get acquainted with these delightful animals and perhaps make a commitment to one (or more!) of your own.

February 19 will be a celebration of Bunnies and Snowflakes – no two are alike! Learn more about the unique personalities of the little hoppers, explore housing options and dietary needs and meet adoptable bunnies. Raffles, products and toy-making will round out the day.

When it comes to rabbits, we’re not just playing around. On February 26, our Toy-making Extravaganza will show you how to make some old favorites as well as the newest, no-fuss toys around. We’ll also have ready-made toys available for purchase.

And, you can come to Animal Friends on Leap Day (Wednesday, February 29), when we celebrate Adopt a Shelter Rabbit Month with $29 adoption specials for all of our little leapers! Adopt a rabbit or a bonded pair of rabbits for a $29 donation!

Whether you’re a bunny veteran or merely curious about these wiggly-nosed critters, we hope to see you at Animal Friends during February’s special roundup of rabbit events. Who knows?  Maybe one of our homeless bunnies will hop to a special place in your heart and your home.

For more information about any of the events listed here, or to see our adoptable bunnies, please visit our website at www.ThinkingOutsideTheCage.org or call 412.847.7000

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Celebrate ADOPT A SHELTER RABBIT month by volunteering!

One of the biggest things that first interested me about volunteering with the rabbits was the fact that I had not just one but two mentors when I started. I knew nothing about rabbits but as soon as I saw them at a bun run, I was in love. Everything else was a learning experience for me and without having mentors to guide me through it all I might not have stuck with the program. The rabbit mentors are knowledgeable and friendly and can help out with any questions you might have.

There is a lot to know about rabbits, about their behaviors, their care and even how to pick them up. The rabbit volunteer program that Animal Friends has in place now (it’s even more evolved than when I first started) is a great way to introduce volunteers to rabbits if they aren’t already familiar with them and for those who already know about rabbits, they can learn about rabbit handling specific to Animal Friends since shelter life for a bunny is different than being at home.

The rabbit volunteers have an important job of getting word out to the community about bunnies. For instance, how to handle basic care for a bunny, grooming, exercise needs, bunny proofing a home and many of the other things that people might not be aware of. And by volunteering at our bun runs, there are plenty of opportunities to address these things with people who have questions or who just might be interested in learning more about bunnies.

Rabbit volunteers have the option to do many things at Animal Friends. There is always a need for volunteers at our bun runs but we also do off-site activities where you can take a bunny to a place like PetSmart and talk to people about the bunnies at Animal Friends. Volunteers are also needed to write bunny bios, socialize the bunnies, foster bunnies, or groom them. There is something for everyone with bunny volunteering.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to see the rabbits in action, you should really check out one of the bun runs at Animal Friends. It’s such a joy to watch them run and play and see how much personality they have. It’s how they first got my attention (what personalities they have!) and I’ve enjoyed being a part of their lives (rabbits and people alike) since then. Won’t you be the next one to join us here with the bunnies?