Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Animal Friends' Home-To-Home Adoption Program Presents... Clyde!

I so sadly have to give up my little dog Clyde. I am trying to find him a loving home. I am not asking for a fee but I will be particular who takes him. I originally adopted him when he was about 4 months old and have had him about a year and a he is around 2 years old right now. So yes, he still has a lot of pup left in him. He is a mix of black Labrador and our veterinarian seems to think some sort of hound. As you can see in the pictures he looks more like a black lab with the hound body and tail.

One of the pictures I attached shows his size compared to my other dog a full blooded chocolate Labrador. He only weighs about 35 pounds and is tall and lean. He is neutered and is completely kept up on all vaccinations. I will admit he is spoiled; he is a house dog and loves to cuddle. He believes he can talk by looking at you with his mouth open puts out a friendly growl/howl and actually tries to communicate with humans. He also thinks he’s a lap dog. He will pat you with his paw then crawl right up on you and press his neck against you for hugs. He is very loving. He sleeps in bed with either my son or I and feels at home when cuddling against someone. I know I may have spoiled him a bit too much. His personality is outgoing. There are many adorable habits such as he is infatuated with socks.  Try to put them on in front of him and he will steal them right from your hand and just want to play tug.  Also, he loves heat.  He will lie in front of the furnace vent or find you the minute he hears a hairdryer.  

He is great with my 11 year old son and all of his friends that come and go through my house. He has never been around very small children so I truly don’t know how he would be in that situation. As for my sons age…he is great.  My son will actually play football with him and he roughhouses with no out of hand actions.  Also, he has become very attached to my other dog. Even though they may seem to play too rough or’s what dogs do, and they love each other.  It’s obvious when they lie together and cuddle.  So, if there is anyone that happens to have another dog that may be a plus but is not necessary. He has not had much other interaction with any other dogs.  We have had him at the dog park one time when there was other dogs that had walked by the fence and he ran along the fence barking at them.  The only other dogs he sees are from our front window walking down our street and yes barks at them too.  

Unfortunately, I am in a situation that having 2 dogs is just too much.  It is difficult financially and also with the lack of training.  I work full time and the dog does not get as much attention as I feel he should.  He does need more training that I just cannot give to him.  I must say he is very smart and a quick learner. The few commands and tricks I have taught him he caught on extremely fast.  He just chooses when to actually listen to certain commands again due to lack of consistent training.  I truly believe if he had a loving home with someone who was available to spend more time dedicated to him it would be better for him and that he would grow to be a very well trained dog.  I know as he grows older it is going to take work to train him correctly which I do not have.  I really do not want to have to place him into any type of kennel or shelter.  I hate to see him go to anyone that will not provide for him what he deserves.  And I also know how hard it is to get the older dogs adopted.  I would love to find someone who could be a good fit for my little dog Clyde.  Please to feel free to contact me at any time day or night with any questions.  I hope to place him asap, the longer we keep him knowing we must let him go the harder it is on both me and my son.

Thank you so much.
Lisa Robes
cell 412 215 1295 (the best way during the day m-f )
or home 412 269 2882.
email. (anytime)

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