Friday, March 2, 2012

Animal Friends' Home-To-Home Adoption Program Presents... Nickels and Guinness!

My wife and I have a rapidly growing family and just cant find the time to give our two dogs the love and attention they need anymore.  Because they have been apart of our lives for so long we cant bring ourselves to just drop them off at a shelter so we are hoping that the Animal Friends Home to Home program will help us find a new home for each of them.  They are completely up to date with all of their shots.  So with that being said I’d like to introduce you to Nickels and Guinness. 

Nickels is a neutered 8 year old black Labradoodle.  I’ve had Nickels since 2005 when he was about 9 months old  when I adopted him from a family up in Wexford (apparently the wife was allergic to Labradoodles…go figure).  Although he was a pretty big “puppy” at 65 lbs, his seemingly unending energy and affection won our hearts immediately.  Today he tips the scales at around 95 lbs and although is approaching 8 this May you would never it as he still has enough energy to keep up with anybody.  We know he won't work out well with other “non-dog” pets in the house but will get along fine with other dogs.  He’s also amazing with children and people of all ages (even small babies and toddlers as my daughter is 2). I take him to the dog park regularly so he has no trouble making new friends.  He’s house broken and is OK with being indoors most of the day as long as you make it up to him with a nice long walk when you get home.  He’s extremely healthy having only fed him Purina dry dog food but also enjoys the occasional raw hide. 

Guinness (or Guinni as my daughter likes to call him) has been with us since January 2009 when we rescued him from the Humane Society as a neutered 8 week old 11 lb Rot/Boxer mix puppy.  Today Guinness has outgrown his big brother and has reached a top weight of 99 lbs.  He’s in extremely good shape, LOVES to play and is very affectionate, as he will soak you with kisses and shove his head under your arm to be petted.  He’s also great with babies and children (my daughter likes to ride him like a pony and he loves it!) and like Nickels, gets along extremely well with other dogs.  I would not recommend putting him in a home that has cats and other non-canine members. He’s been on the same diet as Nickels only having Purina dry dog food but will pretty much eat anything you put in front of him.  He’s also completely house broken and out of the “chewing” puppy stage. 

They can go together or separate, it doesn’t matter to us as long as they both find new owners that can give them all the love and attention they deserve.  As part of the screening process, I am not asking for a rehoming fee but a quick home visit is required prior to adoption.  Finally, I’m also offering a “lifetime” guarantee on both of these guys.  So if you take one or both into your home and for ANY reason you change your mind at ANY time even YEARS down the road I will gladly take them back off your hands and find them new homes with absolutely no questions asked (I’m actually begging you that you do this as they deserve better then just being cast aside in a shelter). 

Feel free to call me anytime at 412-403-3059 (or email at if you would like to see if either one would be a good fit for your family.


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