Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear…Chow Wagon?

That’s right!  Animal Friends’ Chow Wagon is celebrating its 5th birthday on April 16th.  It seems like yesterday that the Chow Wagon made its first stop at Loaves & Fishes in Allison Park with a donation of 70 pounds of food.  Since then, the Wagon has grown tremendously thanks to community support and now delivers to over 20 different food banks and church groups. As of the writing of this article, a staggering 128,577 pounds of food has been delivered to hungry pets over the 5 years the Chow Wagon has been in service.

The Chow Wagon provides support to families who may be struggling to make ends meet and cannot afford to buy appropriate food for their pets. Choosing between feeding yourself and feeding your pet is something no pet owner should ever have to do.  The Chow Wagon helps keeps pets where they belong: with their families. Most of the food provided is donated by scout groups, schools and other community groups.

If you’d like to join in the celebration, please consider making either a monetary donation or a donation of wet or dry pet food. Open bags of food or treats will be accepted if they are tightly sealed and not expired.  Your donations will be met with full bellies and wagging tails.

So wish the Chow Wagon a happy birthday and make sure a hungry pet can stay with the people who love him.

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