Monday, April 23, 2012

Notes from our Humane Officer: Amazing Cats

By: Kathy Hecker, Humane Officer for Animal Friends 

Time for a cat story!

I was with another humane officer and we were investigating a case of alleged cat abuse and neglect.  But when we arrived at the property, we only saw one little, long haired orange cat in the field next to the house.  The owner denied having any cats and we were just about to leave when the orange cat ran up to us.  

We gave him some pets and some treats.  Then he took off across the field and stood by an overturned wheel barrow.  Several times he ran up to us and raced back across the field and stood by the wheelbarrow, a pile of bricks, some overturned flower pots and old rusty farm machinery.  Of course, we finally followed him.  What we found was heartbreaking.  

The owner, fearing prosecution, had chained her ten cats to cinder blocks and hid them in the field under all the junk.  This orange cat was clearly disturbed by this and sought our help.  When we had unchained them all and loaded them up in the van, we looked at each other in amazement!  "Are there any more?" we asked the orange cat.  He jumped in the van, his work done.  Amazing!


  1. Is that little orange cat up for adoption?

    1. Hi Scott! This story took place several years ago, but we have many other wonderful cats up for adoption!

      Go here to take a look!