Monday, April 16, 2012

Notes from our Humane Officer: Faithful Animals -- Amazing But True!

This is part two in an occasional series.

By: Kathy Hecker, Humane Officer for Animal Friends

I was recently reminded of the incredible, instinctual faithfulness of animals by Bailey, a Chow/Sheltie mix who ended up at another shelter.

She was constantly found running the streets was always picked up by the dog warden, who had gotten to know her pretty well. But one day, Bailey got loose and somebody else found her and took her to a local shelter. The dog warden found her there and knowing that she was a nice dog, he knew that even if no one came to claim her, she would find another good home. Which she home. Bailey was the perfect house guest at my home for about a month.

At the end of the month, I brought her to Animal Friends for her medical and behavior evaluations.  She passed both with flying colors and was ready for the adoption floor. Somehow, while waiting for her cage to be prepped, Bailey got loose in the shelter. She ran up a corridor she had never been in before and into our retail shop.  When her pursuers finally caught up to her, they encountered a customer there looking stunned and mumbling over and over again, "That's my dog.  I think that's my dog, Bailey." Bailey, meanwhile, was ecstatic.  Clearly, she was his dog.

Long story short: Joe and his wife owned Bailey and 3 years prior had divorced. The wife refused to give up the dog, but as soon as the divorce was final, she gave Bailey away. Joe tried to find Bailey, but lost track of her as she went through several placements.  I'll let you decide what the truth is here. Was Bailey constantly running away to find Joe? Did Bailey catch his scent as he entered our building?  Was she just looking for me and instead found him?  What are the chances of them both being in the same building at the same time?

In any case, Bailey will live happily ever after with her beloved Joe, who she never forgot over three long years.


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  1. I'm glad they found each other, no matter what the reason. Sad to think of pets being used as pawns, so it's nice to hear of a positive resolution to it all.

  2. I believe there is no such thing as an "accident" and nothing is a "coincidence". Just goes to show what can be accomplished with love as the foundation. I would not be surprised if Bailey "knew" that Joe would be there and she did whatever she could to get to the proper place. I absolutely love it!!!