Friday, April 27, 2012

Trap, Neuter and Return program has returned!

Photo by Harry Giglio
Attention all Swissvale residents!  Animal Friends will be holding its annual Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) program for feral and stray cats in your area.  Everyone is welcome to attend an informational meeting on May 9th, held at the Swissvale Borough Building from 6-8pm. 

At the meeting, more information about TNR, how it works and how it can help the Swissvale community will be available.  Please bring your questions and concerns.  If you’d like to attend, RSVP by calling 412.847.7094.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Swissvale Borough Building
7560 Roslyn St
Swissvale, PA


  1. Here's really how TNR works and how it can REALLY help your community ...

    Rabies Outbreak Caused by TNR, 50+ Pets Euthanized, Owners Pay For Their Own Rabies Shots

    Rabies Outbreak in Westchester County and the Connection to Feral Cats

    Rabid cat adopted from Wake County animal shelter puts owner in financial bind - Pets Quarantined for 6 months, buy your OWN rabies shots

    Want some more fun links like that? There's hundreds more like those on the net, showing how TNR *REALLY* works!

  2. I am confused...soooo what are you suggesting be done with any outside mammal (ya know, what people are too!) that can contract rabies? Kill everything? Lets hear some suggestions, brillant proponant of some magical mystery solution that evidently no one knows are rather quick to slam work done by thousands and thousands of caring, thoughtful, compassionate people but you have no alternative to TNR (which I TOO can show you hundreds and hundreds of links of how TNR has worked wonderfully in controlling the feral cat overpopulation which also controls disease and rabies)

    In regards to your amazing links -

    1.) the first link doesn't work.
    2.) the second link is just stupid. Have you heard of titer tests? Titer tests for rabies show that the vaccination is in the system for years and years and years after the innitial vaccination. So yes, one rabies vaccination gives ALOT more protection compared to having NO vaccination at all.
    3.) What exactly does a cat adopted out from a shelter have to do with TNR. If you knew anything about ferals, THEY AREN'T ADOPTABLE, thus why you trap, alter and vaccinate, then release back to their colony where they continued to be cared for.

    Let's hear how you would solve the feral cat over population! I'm so eager to know :)

    Trapping and killing doesn't work and I'd be more than thrilled, again, to send you a ton of links showing you how trap and remove *REALLY* works (aka, it doesn't).

  3. While rabies is certainly a valid concern for any animal that spends the majority of its life outdoors, TNR works to vaccinate outside cats against the virus.

    Without TNR intervention, even more cats are prone to the virus because they interact with rabid wildlife as they fight for food sources.

    It is also important for people to be ever vigilant when dealing with animals, whether wild or domestic, so as to ensure they are not exposing themselves to rabies.

    Thank you for your comments.