Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Big Surprises Sometimes Come in Big Packages Too

By: Stephanie Buckley, Adoption Counselor

As a part of the adoption team at Animal Friends, I get to spend time with many different animals that have many different personalities.

Two potential adopters stopped by the adoption desk today and asked about one of our resident dogs, Tucker. While reading through Tucker’s file, I discovered that he was about 110 pounds (whoa!), very playful and more than a little hard to walk. I thought, with more than a little worry, to myself, “Well, these people are very interested in him.  I’ll give it a try!”

So, after taking the potential adopters into a room and discussing Tucker’s medical and behavioral history with them, they decided they would absolutely be interested in adopting him. Grabbing my leash and putting on a huge smile to mask my "Oh, this dog is going to walk ME" thoughts, I went to his kennel to get Tucker.

This is when I met a dog that sat on command and even gave me his paw when I asked him. All he wanted in return was a treat. After putting a harness on him to make for an easier walk, he surprised me by walking very sweetly down the hall to the adopters. I walked into our meet and greet room with what I'm sure was a surprised face and introduced this miniature horse, I mean…overweight Labrador Retriever to the potential adopters.

They loved him! He was playful, sweet, affectionate and very curious until he became a little bored with the whole process of meet and greet. He stuck his nose directly into his potential mom’s purse and snatched her water bottle in his big mouth. He had decided it was his new toy! It was love at first steal!

I'm so glad I got to know Tucker a little better after spending more time with him today and it is refreshing to see such a big man have such a big heart and such great manners! One of my major job perks: meeting truly wonderful animals that surprise me every single day.

The family in this story is still considering adopting Tucker.  We hope it works out!  Either way, we at Animal Friends are committed to finding each and every one of our animals a loving, forever home.

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