Friday, May 25, 2012

Cat Photography...the outtakes!

By Jeff Geissler, Communications Assistant  
As one of the pet photographers for Animal Friends, I try to make each cat I photograph look as gorgeous, refined and adoptable as possible. Just like professionals who take portraits of babies, weddings, or corporate executives, I feel I need to achieve that perfect photo.

But, as my co-workers will tell you, I tend to chuckle when I edit my cat pictures. Sometimes the outtakes--the photos I don't post and most likely delete--are the most lovable. I often catch a cat in an unflattering expression or mood that we photographers call "an off moment."

It’s in these moments that I see the quirky, fun, and lively side of their personalities. They don't know that the black box in front of my face is a camera, so they don't put up a guard or act proper for the picture. They just keep eating, licking, yawning, playing and sleeping. Many times I think they forget their tongues are hanging out, or that their eyes are droopy with sleep.

So here are a few outtakes taken in those odd, but extremely endearing, moments.





Regal Pepper




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