Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In Loving Memory: Trixie

By: Toni DiBernardo-Jones

I rescued my furbaby from Animals Friends on November 20, 2001. I remember the exact day as it was one month to the day that my mother had passed away. My youngest son Joey had said to me, "Mom, lets get another dog.  It’s lonely at home since grandma passed away.” I told him I didn't think that I wanted another pet as I had not had any for a couple of years. I also figured that no matter how many times Joey told he would be responsible for the pet; I knew ultimately that I would be the caregiver.

So after much thought and soul searching, I heard on the radio that a pet fair was going to be held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. My son and I decided to go. We looked for a puppy the whole afternoon and couldn't find one. On the way out, there was a booth with a Schnauzer that caught my eye but we soon found out that the dog already had an owner. The woman informed me that Animal Friends had some puppies at their shelter so Joey and I made the trip there in search of the perfect pet for our family.

As we walked through the shelter, I spotted this beautiful little Terrier puppy that I just had to have a look at. I asked Joey to get someone so we could find out more about the Terrier. However, in the next stall, a black Lab/Boxer puppy was doing anything and everything she could do to get my attention. Joey said," Mom, look!  This puppy is trying to get your attention!" So I looked over and there she was standing in the back of her cage wagging her tail as fast and as hard as she could. Trixie, the puppy’s name, came to the front of her cage and stuck her nose between the bars of her kennel so I could pet her nose.

I told Joey she was beautiful and sweet but not exactly the type of puppy I was used to. I love little furry lapdogs and Trixie was certainly not a lap dog. I asked again for Joey to get someone so we could take the little Terrier that I had my heart set on for a walk. When the volunteer came with the adoption papers, it was for Trixie and not the Terrier I wanted. From the second I was handed the leash, I knew Trixie was the right puppy for my family. 

I say that I rescued Trixie but to be honest, she rescued me in many ways as well. She was my best-friend for almost eleven years. She was a healthy dog until the last month of her life. I had a hard time deciding to have her put down, after all, how do you do such a thing to one so true and faithful? How do you say goodbye to one who means the world to you? Trixie had protected me more than once with her own life. I knew I had to though. I could not stand to see her suffer and struggle the way she did.

It's been two weeks since I had to put her down but had her cremated and have her home with us again. I will always love and miss Trixie.  She was the best dog anyone could have ever hoped for or wanted. Rest in peace Trixie until we meet at The Rainbow Bridge where I know you will be whole and new again.


  1. Aw I am so sorry we just recently went through that with two cats back to back they were brothers . I cried for days. We have them also.
    What a lucky person your are to have had trixie.:)

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  2. TYVM for the kind words. I have been crying for two wks it was so hard and it came on so quickly that I am asking myself did I miss something anything that wld have been able to save her and give her so more time but I guess that wasn't to be. I am sry abt your cats this is very hard they leave a paw print in our hearts.