Friday, June 8, 2012

School's Out for Summer. Adopt from Animal Friends!

Calling all teachers, students and school faculty! Animal Friends presents: School’s out for Summer! from Sunday-Saturday, June 10-16.

Our shelter animals have enjoyed their training at Animal Friends, but summer’s here and they want to go home!

From June 10-16, come to Animal Friends and view our pets’ report cards, each proudly (or not so proudly!) displayed on their kennels.

Whether you’re looking for a bookworm, class clown or student athlete, we have someone for you!
Show a valid teacher, school faculty or student ID to receive a $20.12 credit toward your adoption.
Special for Smitten Season: Cats age 2+ are completely priceless!

For many households, summertime means that families are home together and have a great opportunity to introduce a new pet to the home!

All household members must be present. Standard adoption application policies apply!

Visit Animal Friends at 562 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh PA 15237 or call 412.847.7000 for more information.  You can also visit

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