Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Shocking Goodbye: Animal Friends Remembers Sasha

Guest Blogger: Becky DiLucia

Sasha was one of the bravest dogs I’ve ever known.  She had absolutely no reason to trust people.  She was unwanted and surrendered to a local shelter at 8 years of age.  As a final parting gift, she was beaten on the way into the building.  She touched the hearts of the people at that shelter who saw the dog she could be underneath all the fear.  She was ultimately was transferred to Animal Friends with the hope that we could work on her behavioral challenges and captured more hearts here. 

Despite all she had been through, Sasha incredibly chose to begin trusting.  At first, it simply became easier to reach for her and attach her leash to her collar.  Soon, petting became more of a pleasure for her and less of a threat.  Brushing became possible and she began to look sleeker and more regal.  She learned that food was not something that had to be guarded and was able to trust enough to share.  The swimming pool was a special treat, and she even found a doggie playmate.  All of this in the course of about 5 weeks - things were looking up for Sasha!

The last time I saw her, Sasha was fun, sassy and feisty.  She chased and proceeded to “de-stuff” a toy.  She “stole” treats, chased balls, greeted people and generally had a good time.  The sight of her rolling on her back, paws in the air was heart-warming.  That night, which we could not know was her last, her burdens seemed lighter and she was simply having fun.  

Sadly, Sasha’s time with us was suddenly up on the morning of July 18, 2012.  This brave and inspiring dog unexpectedly crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the early morning hours.  Sasha may not have technically been my dog, but she certainly had my heart.  She was loved and will be mourned.

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