Monday, October 1, 2012

Animal Friends' Home-To-Home Adoption Program Presents....Buddy!

Buddy is a five year old neutered male tabby.  He has beautiful markings and bright green eyes.  People always comment on how handsome he is and how bright white his "socks" and tummy are.  Buddy is a very independent guy who is very loyal to his human and freely gives "head butts" and purrs like a chaninsaw!  He loves to be rubbed and petted.  He easily complies with having his nails trimmed, since this smart guy knows he will get a treat afterward! We have never had any problems with Buddy scratching…he loves to use his "cat equipment" including scratching posts. He enjoys sleeping on his human's head and snuggling at night.  He is very affectionate and tolerates being picked up, but prefers to be petted than carried.  He is very quiet unless he's hungry…then he will rub around your legs and meow until his demands are met!


Buddy needs to be an only cat with a devoted mature care giver.  While he is very friendly and inquisitive with children, he sees them as competition for his attention and would be much happier in a childless home.  He has grown to be very unhappy as our family has grown with more children.  He is such a sweet cat that he deserves a devoted human who will make him a priority in life. 


Thank you for your help.


You may contact me (Elizabeth Musi) at 412-364-8011 or

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