Monday, November 5, 2012

Animal Friends' Home-To-Home Adoption Program Presents....Charlie!

Charlie is an 8 month old Cockapoo.   He is house broken and has all of his necessary vaccinations, etc.  He is very well taken care of.  Charlie is trained to follow numerous commands such as "sit", "down" "paw" etc. He is also crate trained and sleeps in his crate each night.  In addition, we can leave Charlie to roam free in the house when we are not home with no concerns about chewing on furniture as Charlie prefers to play with his many toys and has his favorites.
Like most puppies Charlie is very energetic.  He loves to go for walks and run around in the yard.  Charlie loves to be the center of attention so we feel he is best suited for a home without children.
We are interested in placing Charlie in a loving home where he will be very well taken care of as we have taken care of him thus far.
If you are interested in adopting Charlie, please contact Marisa Miller at 412-708-0155 or Matthew Miller at 412-708-0133.  As you can see by his photo,  he is an adorable puppy and we think he will be adopted quickly so act fast. 

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