Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to Build a Feral Cat House

Materials needed are: a large Styrofoam cooler or sheets of one-inch thick hard Styrofoam, a large box or Rubbermaid storage bin, a box cutter or utility knife, black plastic sheeting, Gorilla tape and straw. Then assemble as follows:

Place the large Styrofoam cooler in a box that is about the same size and tape closed or line the box with sheets of Styrofoam cut to fit.

Cut a round doorway about six inches in diameter in one of the long sides of the box, cutting through the box and Styrofoam (Do not cut the hole in the center as the wind will blow straight in).  Make sure to cut the circle towards the side and high enough so that the bottom of the doorway is several inches above the ground. 


Cut a piece of the plastic sheeting to completely cover the box.  Wrap the box as tight as possible and secure all loose ends with Gorilla tape.  Make sure to cover all openings with tape to make the house as water tight as possible.

Cut the plastic sheeting that is covering the opening like you would cut a pie.  Use small pieces of Gorilla tape to secure the plastic and make a nice smooth opening.

Stuff the bottom of the box with straw.

When placing the shelter face the opening away from the prevailing wind direction.  The shelter is fairly lightweight and may need to be weighed down.   Catnip can be sprinkled inside at first to attract the cats.


  1. WHERE do you find those coolers?

  2. Hi DIVEWITCH! We use the styrofoam packaging from aquarium boxes! But you can use a styrofoam cooler or even storage tubs that you find at Target. Here is another way to build them:

  3. I used one of the rubbernecks and insulated the inside with styrofoam and the spray insulation. It was a little hard to get all the gaps filled. I might try and find another way to wrap it or put another layer of insulation inside. Maybe straw or the filling of an old pillow which can be changed occasionally. I read its best to raise them on some bricks instead of placing them directly on the ground. I also think its best to make it flat/ horizontal so it doestn tip over.

    1. Skip the pillow and go with just straw. Pillow material (as well as blankets, etc) will retain moisture which then retains the cold.