Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Travel Tips

A special thanks to our friends at the San Francisco SPCA for these great holiday travel tips!

'Tis the season, and we know many of you will be traveling soon. If you’re planning to travel with your pet, we have tips to help make the experience easy and enjoyable! Regardless of how you’re traveling, ensure your pet is micro-chipped and wearing a collar with tags, just in case he gets lost.

Airline Travel
• It's generally considered safe to bring your pet with you in the aircraft cabin, but we don't recommend having your animal flown in the cargo hold. It's incredibly stressful for pets, and although most animals arrive safely at their destination there are enough accidents that a pet guardian should think twice. All of these incidents must be reported to the government, and in November nine animals were lost, injured, or died during air transportation.
• If you’re traveling in the cabin with your pet let her become familiar with the carrier before the trip begins, and line it with a towel to provide comfort. Also bring enough food and water to keep her comfortable throughout the flight.

Car Trips
• Most cats don’t like to travel—it’s stressful for them, so if you have the option, leave them at home with a caretaker.
• Pack a spill-proof water bowl, your dog’s regular food, any medications he takes, and his favorite toys.
• Bring some long-lasting edible chews and durable chew toys, too.
• Dogs should ride in a crate in the back of the vehicle, or wear a restraining harness. And cats should always be in a carrier—you don’t want your cat under the brake pedal when you’re driving!

Click here for more tips on keeping your pets safe and happy this holiday season!

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