Friday, October 28, 2016

Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Doyle

Doyle is a sweet little mutt who has been with the same family for the past 12 years since being adopted from a shelter. Unfortunately, due to a change in lifestyle for his family, they are in search of a loving new family that will welcome Doyle with open arms.

This Chow/Lab/Beagle mix is about 50 pounds and has a whole lot of love to give. He's very well behaved around children and adults alike. Doyle is never happier than when he's getting a nice belly rub or laying at your feet basking in the sun.

Doyle is alright to hold down the fort while you're away and is perfectly content to lay and listen to the radio. He also doubles as a great watch dog, barking when someone comes to the door but instantly becoming their best friend once they're inside.

If you think that Doyle would be a good companion for you, contact his current family. This lovable little guy comes complete with his own "Doyle" bed to help him feel at home right away.

Mary Ellen


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween is just around the corner! While you’re gathering together your costume, stocking up on candy and transforming your yard into a graveyard, remember that holidays like Halloween can be stressful times for your pets. Pets don’t understand why their best two-legged pals are wearing funny masks, or why people keep ringing the doorbell over and over again.

To keep Halloween fun and safe for everyone in the family, consider the following pet safety tips:

• If you and your children are going to dress up in costume for Halloween, allow your dog and cat to see and sniff the costume before putting it on to prevent them from being frightened.

• Keep candy, especially chocolate and gum, away from your pets––chocolate, candies containing Xylitol (a sugar-alcohol sweetener), wrappers and other ingredients can be poisonous and even fatal for pets if they ingest it. According to Petplan, a leading pet insurance company, pets are 140% more likely to suffer from chocolate-related poisonings during the week of Halloween than any other time of year.

• Raisins are becoming a popular alternative for trick-or-treaters; however, raisins are just as bad as chocolate for pets—even in small doses, raisins can cause kidney-failure and should be kept far away from your four-legged friends.

• Don’t bring your dogs trick or treating––the costumes, noise, music, yelling kids, lights and decorations can be frightening and stressful for many dogs. 

• Beware of outfitting your home or yard with decorations that can cause a hazard to your pets, such as corncobs and stalks, cobwebs, glowsticks and plastic decorations (which can look like toys but are a choking hazard). Also, be sure to cover and hide all electrical cords. 

• If you are giving out candy on Halloween night, consider keeping your pets blocked off from the front door by either putting a pet gate in the doorway or sequestering them in another room of the house. The constant doorbell ringing and kids yelling in costume might be stressful and cause a dog or cat to escape out the front door. Also, fear may trigger your normally friendly dog’s instinct to bark, possible scaring your young Halloween visitors. 

• Make sure your pets have proper identification, including tags and/or microchips, in case they do escape out of an open door so they can be safely returned home. 

• If you dress your pet in costume make sure it fits well enough to allow for breathing room, visibility and does not restrict movement. Also, be aware of loose or hanging parts that your pet can reach, chew and possibly choke on, including fringe, feathers, buttons and stuffing. Costumes can cause undue stress for pets, so if you decide to dress up your pet make sure he likes it first. If your pet seems distressed, allergic or shows abnormal behavior, try something simple like a festive bandana instead.

• Keep candles (free standing and those in pumpkins or luminaries) away from pets to prevent them burning themselves and/or starting a fire.  

Monday, October 24, 2016

Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Phoenix

Phoenix is an affectionate 5-year-old tabby. He found his way to his current home as a temporary foster, but is looking for a permanent residence where he can settle in!
This boy enjoys the simple things in life ... a good lap to snuggle on and a nice person to give him lots of loving pets. Phoenix likes to be in the same room as the people in his house, even if he's high up on a shelf or hidden under the sofa!
Phoenix has been an indoor cat his entire life and he's planning to keep it that way! He tolerates children very well and has impeccable litterbox etiquette. He is neutered, tested for FeLV and is up-to-date on all of his vaccinations. This inquisitive kitty loves to chase toys and is easily distracted with a laser pointer!
To this point, Phoenix has been living nicely in a foster home, but needs to find a long-term home that is more suitable to his needs (his kitty roommate isn't his biggest fan). In his perfect world, this sweet boy would just like to find a home with a warm lap and plenty of attention to go around!
If you think that you're the one who can make Phoenix's wish come true, contact Katherine at

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Brody and Sugar Rae

Brody and Sugar Rae have been best buddies since they were puppies and are in search of a family that has room in their home for two lovable pooches.

Sugar Rae is a big sweetheart who will quickly become your shadow, following you everywhere you go. She is the perfect mix of sweet and sassy who isn't afraid to voice her opinions. If you let her in on the conversation, she'll happily talk your ear off! This affectionate girl also loves to play fetch with tennis balls and adores a nice long walk.

Brody is the gentler of the two. This sweet boy is a big baby who couldn't be friendlier! He loves kids and would love to have children to keep him busy with plenty of playtime. Much like his sister, Brody could spend hours playing ball outside and going for walks.

If you think this dynamic duo would be a good fit for your home, contact Michelle at 412.722.7370 or

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It's Hip to Be Tipped

In honor of National Feral Cat Day Animal Friends will be hosting It's Hip to Be Tipped, an educational event for colony caregivers and those who want to learn more about community cats.

Animal Friends' Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Department is working to help the community manage community cat populations (can include feral, stray and barn cats) by practicing Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return (TNVR).

We know we can peacefully coexist with community cats so we wanted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about them.

Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return FAQs

What is an ear tip?

Ear tips are a means for identifying spayed/neutered community cat from a distance. During surgery, the top o one ear is tipped (commonly the left ear, but sometimes the right instead).

What is the difference between feral and stray cats?

Feral cats are the same species as your average house cat, but they have been raised without human contact. These cats still rely on human caretakers to offer proper food and shelter, but do not want to interact with people. Feral cats cannot be made into house cats and are happiest outside. Stray cats are typically cats that belonged to someone, but were either lost or abandoned. These cats may be very friendly or warm up to people slowly, and in some cases can be brought into the home as a pet.

What is TNVR?

TNVR stands for Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return. It is a means of humanely controlling cat populations. Community cats are trapped using humane box traps, spayed/neutered and ear-tipped by a vet, then returned to where they were caught for continued care by a colony caretaker.


Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return is the most humane way to deal with the problem of cat overpopulation. Euthanizing feral cat populations is not only inhumane but also ineffective.

Come to It's Hip to Be Tipped on Fri., Oct. 14 to learn how to make a feral cat house, speak with an expert, learn about Animal Friends’ services for community cats and have the first opportunity to make an appointment for our free spay/neuter clinic! You’ll also meet some adoptable kitties that were once part of a community cat colony. And, you won’t want to miss the launch of a new program for colony caregivers. A limited supply of free cat food and straw will be available.
Please RSVP to

Monday, October 10, 2016

Top 10 Reasons to Do the Muttster Mash!
At Animal Friends, we're so excited to be counting down to the spookiest day of the year. To help you get into the spirit we're throwing a Howl-o-ween celebration you and your pup will be sure to enjoy ... the Muttster Mash! In case you're not sure if it's right for you, here are the top 10 reasons to lace up your sneakers, find the perfect costume for your furry buddy and meet us on Oct. 16 in South Park for the Muttster Mash!

10. Pack Leaders

This year we have not one, not two, but three incredible pack leaders! Ashley Dougherty from WTAE will be starting off the 5k while her colleague Ray Petelin joins WISH 99.7 FM's Cris Winter to lead the way for the Hike for Hounds.

9. Tricks and Treats

We're going to rely on you and your pooch for the tricks, but we'll have lots of hauntingly good treats to offer in our vendor village and food truck alley.

8. Fall is Here!

The crisp autumn air is just around the corner and there's no better way to enjoy the last few warm days of the season than to spend some time outside with your best buddy.

7. Meet Adoptable Pets

Thinking about adding a new member to your family? We'll be joined at the event by some of our very own adoptable pets who would love to meet you.

6. Too Cute to Spook Costume Contest

Now is your chance to show off your pup's style! Prizes will be awarded for the best costumes including the most hair-raising, funniest and best owner/dog combo just to name a few!

5. 5k Run

The Muttster Mash will feature a 5k for the fitness nut in you. We ask that dogs sit out the run, but bringing a friend and your pooch to root you on from the sidelines is strongly encouraged. Who couldn't use their very own pep squad?!

4. Hike for Hounds

If a 5k isn't quite your pace, the one-mile Hike for Hounds is the perfect alternative. Enjoy a leisurely walk with your pup and plenty of other dog lovers and their four-legged friends.

3. Bobbing for ... Hot Dogs?

While this might not sound like the most appetizing activity for people, you can be sure that it will be a big crowd-pleaser with the dogs! Your pooch will also have a chance to unstuff a scarecrow and participate in the pumpkin roll.

2. Halloween Comes Early

Just because Halloween hasn't officially arrived yet, doesn't mean you can't get in on the fun a little early with the Muttster Mash – we know it'll be a boneyard smash!

1. Support Animal Friends

With all the fun and festivities going on, you might forget that every dollar raised at the Muttster Mash benefits the dogs, cats and rabbits at Animal Friends! Don't just register yourself, ask your friends and family to support the cause ... every dollar counts!