Monday, July 2, 2018

Misty: Animal Friends' Home to Home Adoption Program

Misty is a 1-year-old Yellow Lab who is full of love and energy that she cannot wait to share with her new family. While she is very loved and well cared for by her current family, they are searching for a home where Misty can get all of the exercise and physical activities that are so important for young dogs. Whether it is taking a walk around the neighborhood, playing fetch or simply running around a fenced-in yard, this pup loves to stretch her legs and burn off some energy.

Misty is housebroken and crate trained – although she can get a bit anxious if she is crated for an extended period. Misty has also visited the vet regularly and is in great health. This sweet pup already knows a few basic commands and has attended puppy obedience class. She is always excited to meet people and loves to give kisses and play with new friends. She is such a gentle and loving dog who would make a perfect addition to any family willing to give her the attention and affection that she deserves.
To set up a meet and greet with Misty, contact her current family at


  1. Has she ever been around cats? If so, is she good with them? (Doesn’t try to bite or harm them, chases them playfully)

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