Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Fall Enrichment Fun ... with Your Pet!

Crisp fall temperatures have arrived and you may be looking for some indoor fun with your four-legged friends. Here are some enrichment activities that are just what you need to keep your pets stimulated (both physically and mentally!) once the cool weather arrives.

Rabbit Enrichment Toys

Wheat Grass Containers
Grow wheat grass in a small plastic container – apple sauce or dressing cups work very well. Your rabbit will enjoy grazing on a healthy snack in a fun new way!

Cardboard Ball
Cut a paper towel tube into rings. Insert one ring into another to make an X. Continue to add rings to create a round ball. Add hay to the center and allow your rabbit to have fun tossing and tearing.


Bubbles for Cats

Everyone loves bubbles, and your cat is no exception! Bubbles can provide something new for your feline friend to look at and the fun, unpredictable movement stimulates her mind. And, the adventurous kitties will love the excitement of popping them! You can even find several different brands of bubbles that land without popping, can be easily wiped up and are safe for your pet to eat.


Egg Carton Puzzles

Dogs enjoy playing games to find hidden treats. A quick and easy way to give your dog a fun activity is to hide treats in a cardboard egg carton or cereal box and let him get to work! This activity will allow your dog to use his mind and his nose. And, tearing the cardboard helps to channel your dog’s energy and gives him an appropriate alternative to chewing on the sofa!


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