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Friday, July 20, 2012

An Update from Atticus (and his mom, Katie Tontala!)

Guest blogger:  Atticus with help from Katie Tontala

Hi Everybody!

            I know it’s been quite a while since I gave yunz an update, but, as you can tell by my picture, I have been keeping very busy… and am very tuckered out!  After months of listening to my unrelenting whining and banging on the screen door, my hard work finally paid off! I now get to wear my leash outdoors and explore the backyard.  I love to walk around all the paths in the garden, drink out of the pond and frequently “stop and smell the roses”.  This drives our neighbor dog crazy and she runs up and down the fence to try to keep track of me.  I secretly love to tease her up by playing hide and seek in the bushes. Dogs can be so silly sometimes.  Mom said that since my harness is getting tighter and tighter around my belly, we are going to start practicing walking down the block.  Sounds like fun to me!

            More happy news! I have a new brother, Ezra!  Guess what?  He is also blind.  I have been trying to teach him the ropes, but he is not quite as brave as me yet.  We had a little bit of a rocky start.  At first, because we couldn’t see each other, we would literally run into each other scare the bejeebies out of each other.  But now we know each others scents and can recognize the jingle of the bells on our collars, so no more surprise meetings!  He doesn’t hiss at me too much any more and he knows I like to nap in the hallway, so he just walks right around me.  Blind cats really are the smartest!

            Because of all the comments written on the blogs, my mom took your advice and wrote a children’s book.  It’s called “I Can See with My Ears, Nose and Whiskers”  and guess who’s the hero in the book?  She said the reason it took her so long to finish it was because I was such a critical editor, next time she is using Ezra.  Mom is working on sending it to publishers, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

            I want you all to know that I absolutely love my forever home. My only regret is that there are still so many special kitties at the shelter waiting to find a place to call home. Because they might be older or may have to eat special food or take medicine, they have a harder time finding their forever home.  There is a reason why we are called “special needs” kitties-it’s because we “especially need” a home. Give them a chance and they will show you how special they really are!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pen Pal Correspondence from our Alum, Atticus the Cat

Atticus, a blind cat adopted from Animal Friends, has done a great job of keeping us posted on his adventures, although his mom, Katie Tontala, tells us she’s afraid he’s getting lazy – she had to stay after him to write this!

I got a job!!!

Last Saturday, mom told me we were going on our first pet therapy visit to a nursing home. But first, I had to get spiffed up. She brushed me from head to tail and made sure I didn’t have any “stuff” on me (which I usually collect from raiding the closets and snooping under the sofa). Then she put me in my new harness and I climbed in my carrier.

When we got there, about 20 people were sitting in a big room just waiting for me. I felt so special! Mom told them how I was found alone and ended up at Animal Friends. She also explained why I had to have surgery to have my eyes removed and the great job Animal Friends did to save my life. A lot of people asked questions about how I got around without bumping into things and mom explained about how I use my whiskers and sense of hearing and smell. They thought I was awfully smart!

Mom took me from person to person and asked if they wanted to pet me. And boy, did they ever! I didn’t get a chance to count, but I swear I must have gotten a million pets. Some gave me kisses and some gave me treats, and all of them were really, really nice to me. A lot of them told me stories about the cats they had in the past.

One lady was extra nice, so I just sat right down beside her on the couch and put my head on her lap for while. I had a great time and it was fun to explore a new place and meet new people. Even though the hugs and kisses were great, I felt even better because I know I made them happy. When we were ready to leave, Mom asked them if they would like me to visit again some other time and they all said “YES!”

When I got home, Mom said she was so proud of me, and gave me a humongous hug and kiss. She said she was so lucky to have me. Then I went upstairs to my chair and fell asleep with a big smile on my face. It was one of the best days ever.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Atticus and his big test

Atticus, a blind cat adopted from Animal Friends, continues to keep us updated on his adventures, with the assistance of his mom, Katie Tontala.

Last week, after days of banging on the screen door to go outside, mom decided it might be a good idea for both of us if I got out of the house once in a while. So she told me we were going to take a trip back to Animal Friends to be tested.

I must have gotten a goofy look on my face, because mom said, “Don’t worry. It won’t hurt a bit. You are going to be tested to be a therapy cat!” She said it so cheerfully that I knew it couldn’t be a bad thing. Mom explained that there are people who like cats but can’t have one. The visits brighten up their days and help them feel better. So all I would have to do is go on a visit and get lots of hugs and kisses for doing nothing? What a sweet deal!

I sat quietly during the car ride, crossed my toes and prayed I would pass my test. When I got to Animal Friends, a very nice lady did a few simple things to see if I would be afraid of meeting new people and allowing them to pet me. I wasn’t afraid at all! After my test, she told me I was a sweet, handsome and brave little survivor and she knew people would be thrilled to have me visit them. I passed my test! Our next step will be finding a place to visit.

When we got home, Mom told me that I would need to wear a harness on our visits. She had three that I tried on, but they were all a bit too snug on my belly. I guess there will be no extra treats for me tonight!

Bye for now,


Friday, April 29, 2011

A typical day for our alum, Atticus...

Atticus, a blind cat adopted from Animal Friends, has turned out to be quite the writer! Our faithful correspondent has given us the latest news on his new life (in between catnaps) with just a little assistance from mom Katie Tontala.

A typical day in my new forever home…

6am: Wake up with a kiss from mom: "Hey Sleepy Head-time to eat!” Run downstairs and gobble up a dish of wet food. Sit right in the middle of the newspaper while mom is drinking her coffee and trying to read. (If she tries to ignore me, I bump her with my head until she gives in and gives me lots of rubs behind my ears.) Follow mom up to the bathroom and help her get ready for work. After she leaves, find the 3 wastebaskets upstairs and knock them over. Back to sleep on my favorite chair.

5:30 pm: Run downstairs to greet mom. Follow her around, chatting all the time, while she changes her clothes and “unwinds for 5 minutes.” (I don’t know why she has to unwind – doesn’t she sleep all day like I do??) Race her downstairs and wait for my dinner in the kitchen. Visit all my siblings while they are eating and nudge them away from their bowls so I can smell their food. (I certainly don’t want to miss anything!) Time to scratch and stretch out a bit on the scratching post and then it’s up on the cat tree to digest my dinner.

7 pm: Do a cursory check of the waste baskets to make sure they are still tipped over, make rounds in all the closets to make sure there is nothing new in there, and then help mom check her e-mail. I know she just loves it when I walk across her keyboard while she is typing, so I try to make her extra happy and sit smack dab on top of it (I am doing it right now while she is typing this for me).

8pm: The elusive, squeaky, black, furry mouse rears its ugly head and I kill it by tossing it all over the place. My courage does not go unnoticed. Mom says, “what a brave boy!”, and I am rewarded with lots of kisses and treats. I perch myself on the arm of the couch and relax by mom and my furry siblings until it is time to go upstairs.

9:30pm: Jump up on the bed with mom and my sisters and find my spot at the foot of the bed. Since the bed is high, mom put this little set of steps by the bed and we can all climb up the steps to reach our spots. The lights go out, mom gives us all a kiss and says-“Have happy dreams”… And I always do….I dream that every cat at the shelter will soon have a life like this! zzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pen Pal Mail from our Alum, Atticus the Cat

Here’s the next chapter in the continuing saga of Atticus, a blind cat, who’s settling into his new home with his mom, Katie Tontala, as well as some furry siblings. We’re delighted to learn that he is not only an awesome cat, but a great writer as well!

The weather has been getting really nice and I have been itching to go outside. I figured if I sit by the door and purr my little heart out, Mom will feel sorry for me and let me out. So for several days in a row, every time she opened the door, I ran over to the screen door and meowed and meowed...but she just ignored me. Since that didn’t work, I decided I to bang on the door as hard as I could to see if that would work - and guess what? It did!!

Since then, Mom said “Attticus, I will make a deal with you. I will let you go out when pigs fly!” I am not exactly sure when that will happen, but surely it will be soon!

In the meantime, Mom said she would compromise and introduced me to a cat tree in the dining room. If I climb up the tree I can sit at the top or jump onto the window sill. It is almost as good as being outside because I can sit in the sun and when the window is open, I can feel the breeze coming through. I had no trouble climbing up, but at first wasn’t sure how to get down.

Mom took a little ball with a bell in it, and then shook it on the steps she wanted me to climb down on. I just followed the sound of the bell and worked my way down. She only had to do it a few times, and now I know all the steps! Sometimes I don’t even use the steps and jump down right from the middle. It has become my new favorite spot to hang out! Mom just laughs and says I give her 10 new gray hairs every day.

I discovered another neat spot in the house. It’s called the bathtub. I decided to play a trick on Mom the other day. I could hear her looking for me so I decided to hide in the tub. She kept calling my name and I could hear her going from room to room. When she came into the bathroom, I jumped out from behind the curtains and surprised her! She said she found 20 gray hairs that day. Hey – what’s a “little imp?”

Monday, February 28, 2011

Another update from our alum, Atticus the cat!

By Guest Blogger Atticus the cat Atticus, a blind cat adopted from Animal Friends, is living up to his promise to keep us posted on his adventures in his new home. He’s shown here resting by his computer after composing his latest blog with a little help from his loving mom, Katie Tontala. Well, I finally got to meet my new brothers and sisters! I was really excited for the big day and couldn’t wait to see how it would go. Mom told me it might take time for them to warm up to me. She said the plan is that whenever I am with my new siblings, she will feed us treats...that way whenever they see me, they will know they are getting treats and will be happy to have me around! Pretty smart, huh? The first few days I wasn’t sure if I liked them and they weren’t sure if they liked me. But now we have everything worked out and we all get along just fine. I guess the treat thing worked! I think my favorite is my brother Jefferson. He comes into my room a lot because he likes my food. Mom says we are growing young boys and between the two of us we eat more than everyone else put together! I love to gobble up all the little tidbits that fall around the food bowls. Mom says my middle name should be Hoover, and between me and Jefferson she may never have to vacuum again!! Dinner time is pretty funny. When mom opens the can of wet food we all come running to the kitchen. Everyone starts meowing in anticipation and it sounds like a musical.(Mom said they were always missing an alto and I just fit the bill!) We all eat our canned food together and I have my very own special place--on the carpet in front of the sink. Did I mention that I now can go downstairs? I had no problem finding my way around. In fact, one of my favorite games is to race mom down the steps. Whenever she starts heading downstairs, I zoom right past her and make it to the bottom before she even gets to the second step! She loses every time! At first she was kinda nervous that I would hurt myself, but I told her to stop fussing. I can tell when I am the bottom because the steps are carpeted and the landing is hardwood. Now she just laughs and says “boys will be boys!” I love it here and love my new family. Thanks, Animal Friends, for giving me the chance to have a forever home. But could you do me one favor? I met some very nice cats there, and sometimes I worry that they haven’t been as lucky as me. Could you stop by and check on them, and maybe even take one or two home so they can have a happy new life, too? I’ll keep you updated! Atticus Hoover

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Atticus update part deux!

Recently, Animal Friends resident Dorian (now Atticus) was adopted into a loving home, where he started out living in his own cozy room. This blind cat--whose eyes were removed due to life-threatening disease--has turned out to be a feline of many talents, and we thank him for sending us another update! By Atticus, guest blogger, with a little help from his new mom, Katie Tontala WOW!!! This past week I got to explore other parts of the house - and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! On the first day, mom just let me go up and down the hall so I could get used to the smells. The next day I got to go in my brothers’ and sisters’ rooms. I had no problem finding my way around-mom says it’s because I have such a little nebby nose! Mom sat by the doors of the rooms, and if I got a little confused, she called my name so I could get myself oriented again, but I really didn’t need much help. Now, every morning before mom goes to work, she lets me explore and then I get to do it all evening when she is home. I’ve got it down pat! One night I woke up and decided I wanted to find mom. I discovered that if I hit the screen that keeps me in my room a few times it will fall over and I can get out! So I went to my mom’s bedroom and meowed. She said “Atticus, it's 2 am!” She picked me up, gave me a kiss on the head and put me back in my room. Then, she put a big artificial tree in front of the screen to hold it in place and I went back to sleep for a bit. Guess what? If I hit the screen a little harder, both of them will fall over and I can still get out! (See, I am smart!) I went to the bedroom again and meowed. She said “Atticus, it is 4:15 in the morning!!” She picked me up again, gave me another kiss on my head and put me back in my room. This time, she closed the door. I don’t know what all this o’clock business is about, and of course I have no idea if it’s dark or light. I haven’t figured out how to push open the wooden door, but I’m not going to give up! Actually, despite the adventures, I really do like my room the best, and will come back in when I want a break. Mom said that is why she kept me in here at first; it’s my safe haven and I will always have a place to go if I get overwhelmed. I also got a bunch of toys to play with. My favorite is the “octopus” string toy. Mom waves it around my feet while I pounce on it. Because I can’t see it, she sprayed a little perfume to help me find it. We play every night before I go to bed - she said she hopes it will tire me out so I don’t get the urge to play explorer in the middle of the night again. For my next adventure, I get to meet my brothers and sisters. Maybe they can help me figure out this door thing? I’ll keep you posted!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dorian’s Happy Tail

By guest blogger Atticus Tontala

Many of Animal Friends' followers read and were touched by the story of Dorian, a blind 8- year-old cat whose eyes were removed due to life-threatening disease. We asked for an update, and were delighted to hear from him (with a little help from his new mom, Animal Friends volunteer Katie Tontala).

Hi Everyone! When many of you saw and heard about me on Animal Friends’ Facebook, I was overwhelmed by all your good wishes. So I just wanted to let you know that about a week ago I found my forever home, and things are just great for me now!

First of all, I am now called Atticus. My mom said a new beginning deserves a new name, so I was named after a character in one of her favorite books. She said she picked that name because the character was very smart and very handsome, just like me!

I am very lucky to have my very own room with my very own food and litterbox. My mom put out three different beds for me to choose from, but my favorite place is the leather desk chair. I am so proud because I found it all by myself and that is where I love to spend my lazy times, sleeping and hanging out.

Right now there is a big screen separating my room from the rest of the house. Mom says I have brothers and sisters to meet, but they need some time to get used to having a new kid in our house. Since I can’t see them, she doesn’t want them to scare me or give me the heebie-jeebies by sneaking up behind me. She said we shouldn’t rush - there will be plenty of time to get to know them.

Sometimes, I sit on one side of the screen and they sit at the end of the hall, checking me out. They seem nice enough, so I’m looking forward to meeting them when they’re ready. When my mom goes to work, she puts on music so I don’t get too bored. I listen to everything from classical to oldies to elevator music. Personally, my favorites are Springsteen and Talking Heads. My mom said, “That’s my boy!” and gave me a kiss on my head. She gives me about a million kisses a day and I give her about a million head butts back!

Tomorrow, I get to come out and start exploring the other rooms, and my new brothers and sisters can come in and start to explore my room! It sounds like so much fun, and I can’t wait! Animal Friends was a great place to spend a little time, but it’s so wonderful to have my own home and somebody who loves me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for another nap on my favorite chair.

Life is good.