Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Doberman and a Tabby cat walked into a TV studio...

By Siri Espy, Animal Friends' Communications Team

On a recent Saturday, fellow volunteer Alda Walker and I were asked to make an appearance on a local TV show that was spotlighting nonprofit organizations. This being Animal Friends, our first step was to recruit furry co-stars – a cat and a dog – to take with us.

It’s a challenge to find two animals of different species who will ride together, wait 30 minutes, then sit quietly for half an hour on live TV, where there are no do-overs. Knowing that we humans would need to keep smiling for the cameras regardless of the animal’s behavior, there’s only one chance to get it right.

I’m pleased to report that Molly (the dog) and Reagan (the cat) were ideal television personalities, and to put in a good word for both of these wonderful animals who are still waiting for homes.

Molly, a nine year-old Doberman with beautiful brown eyes, is a big dog with a big heart. She was not in the least bothered sharing the car and the spotlight with a cat, and sat peacefully looking in Alda’s eyes while we were on the air. The only problem with transporting her was that I hated to interrupt her snoring as she napped on my backseat on the return trip.

Reagan, age five, is a gorgeous cat who looks like she’s been splattered with black and white paint. She’s not fond of other cats, but is great with dogs. She sat quietly in her carrier during the ride and the wait for air time, then snuggled into my lap for half an hour of blissful petting, occasionally looking into the camera with a highly photogenic expression.

It struck me that these two great animals would be a wonderful pair – or that each of them would be ideal additions to a home with furry residents of the other species. Their 15 minutes (actually 30) of fame hasn’t gone to their heads, and they’re waiting to be the special stars in loving forever homes. Maybe your home could be the perfect place for them to shine!

Check out Molly and Reagan on our website: http://www.ThinkingOutsideTheCage.org, or stop in and visit them at Animal Friends!

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  1. These two really are fantastic and have been at the shelter for too long!