Monday, April 11, 2011

Rabbit Volunteers at Animal Friends

Guest Blogger Laureen Dzadovsky, Animal Friends' Rabbit Volunteer

When I started volunteering with Animal Friends' rabbits, I had not just one, but two mentors! I knew nothing about rabbits when I first arrived. But, as soon as I saw them at a Bun Run, I was in love.

Everything else was a learning experience for me, and without having mentors to guide me through it all, I might not have stuck with the program. Animal Friends' rabbit mentors are knowledgeable and friendly and can help out with any questions you might have.

There is a lot to know about rabbits, their behaviors, their care and even how to pick them up. The rabbit volunteer program that Animal Friends has in place now (it’s even more evolved than when I first started) is a great way to introduce volunteers to rabbits if they aren’t already familiar with them. As for those who already know about rabbits, they can learn about rabbit handling specific to Animal Friends since shelter life for a bunny is different than being at home.

The rabbit volunteers have an important job of getting word out to the community about bunnies. For instance, how to handle basic care for a bunny, grooming, exercise needs, bunny-proofing a home and many of the other things that people might not be aware of. And by volunteering at our Bun Runs, there are plenty of opportunities to address these things with people who have questions or who just might be interested in learning more about bunnies.

Rabbit volunteers have the option to do many things at Animal Friends. There is always a need for volunteers at our Bun Runs, but we also do off-site activities where you can take a bunny to a place like PetSmart and talk to people about the bunnies at Animal Friends. Volunteers are also needed to write bunny biographies for our website, socialize the bunnies, foster bunnies, or groom them. There is something for everyone with bunny volunteering.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to see the rabbits in action, you should really check out one of the Bun Runs at Animal Friends. (Click here for dates!) It’s such a joy to watch them run and play and see how much personality they have. It’s how they first got my attention (what personalities they have!) and I’ve enjoyed being a part of their lives (rabbits and people alike) since then. Won’t you be the next one to join us here with the bunnies?

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