Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Donor Spotlight: Sheri Levine-Everett

Guest Blogger: Jessica DiVito, Senior Development Coordinator

She calls herself Calamity Jane. We call her kind and generous.

It doesn’t take long to realize what Sheri Levine-Everett’s true passion is: animals. This career woman devotes a great deal of energy to running and managing her business—and in addition to her hectic schedule, she cares for her brood of rescued Maltese dogs, many of which have come to her medically compromised. Somehow, she manages to do it all.

To know Sheri is to understand passion. Her love for animals was born when she was a small child and she and her two sisters lived with their family’s pets. Sheri’s fervent interest in animal care, especially for dogs, took off. From animal behavior to veterinary science, Sheri has followed her heart in order to serve the animals that need her the most.

Sheri is a longtime rescuer of Malteses. Sheri provides for all of their medical needs, rehabilitation and care. Sheri doesn’t take just any animal through. Sheri takes on the tough cases. She has rescued those who need thousands of dollars in medical care and even those who didn’t seem likely to survive. Sheri commits time, energy and funds to care for these dogs, sometimes travelling hundreds of miles to seek the most advanced veterinary expertise.

Sheri first visited Animal Friends at our former Strip District facility in 2005 and learned that Animal Friends was out of space. Appreciating and understanding the community’s need for our humane programs, Sheri made an investment in Animal Friends’ growth. She has been a staunch supporter and contributor ever since, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Animal Friends couldn’t exist without the donors who support our work on behalf of the animals. And, without Sheri and her sparkling personality, we wouldn’t have nearly as much fun!

Sheri, we appreciate your dedication and your support. Our animals thank you!

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