Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wonderful seniors and senior-ita dogs deserve a second look.

Guest Blogger: Siri Espy, Communications Team

At many shelters, older dogs would not have the opportunity to be put up for adoption. But at Animal Friends, our current count of dogs age 10 and over is an even dozen.

These twelve seniors, like most dogs their age, would love nothing more than to lie in the sunshine, soaking up the love of a special human. A quiet home, a warm lap and a well-paced walk could turn around the loneliness of homelessness for these deserving canines.

In recognition of their need to find a loving home, five of these dogs have had their adoptions sponsored, with the adoption fee paid by a kind soul hoping to encourage someone to give them a new start.


Fifteen year-old Dachshund mix York, currently residing in a foster home, is the oldest of the bunch.


Four 13-year olds also wait: Rugby, a black and white Lab-Collie mix, also in a foster home; Shamus, a poofball of a Pomeranian-Eskimo mix; Clint, a striking English Coonhound mix, and Penny Wink, a black and white Lab mix.


At 11 or 12 are Poppy, a black and white Pit Bull mix; Freeway, a tousled terrier; and Jojo, a Jack Russell mix. The youngsters of the group include 10-year olds Bailey, a Beagle-Shepherd mix; Dweezil, a Chow Chow; black Lab mix Trooper ; black and white Lab mix Tippy; and Queenie, a Boxer mix.

While any homeless animal deserves a kind and loving home, these dogs occupy a special place in our hearts at Animal Friends, as they are often passed over in favor of their younger kennel mates. All it will take is a special person who values the calm, loving nature of an older pet.

If you’re unable to provide a home for one of these experienced companions, please share this with your friends, and ask them to share it with their friends. It may take some time and effort, but we won’t give up until these faithful furry companions find their forever homes.

For photos and more information on these senior pets, visit our web site,, or call 412.847.7002.

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