Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Two Residents Became Best Friends -- and Found a Home Together!

By Siri Espy, Animal Friends' Communications Team

Visitors to Animal Friends often stopped to see a touching scene: two residents of a free-roam room cuddled up together in a flower-shaped bed, sleeping intertwined, arms around one another. But there is quite a story behind the two cats.

Déjà Vu, with striking black and white markings, and smaller orange tabby Vancouver were rescued from two separate cat hoarding situations, where they lived in deplorable conditions. Happy with other cats, both had lacked human interaction and socialization.

Vancouver was at Animal Friends nearly two years, and Déjà Vu somewhat less. In that time, they became inseparable, grooming one another and cuddling in the cozy bed. While the two were content to be together, they remained skeptical of humans, and both were overlooked by potential adopters who could provide them a loving home - until last week.

A woman came to Animal Friends asking to visit with Vancouver after viewing her photo and profile on the web site. She spent two hours on the free roam floor, and observed firsthand the bond between Vancouver and her buddy. Patient and willing to make the commitment to move slowly, she decided to give Vancouver a home, and knew that she couldn’t possibly leave Déjà Vu behind. Soon both cats were on their way.

Any time a long-time resident finds a home, news spreads quickly among staff and volunteers. But this double happy ending, almost two years in the making, brought tears to many eyes. After a long wait, Vancouver and Déjà Vu have everything they could have wanted – a loving home and each other, forever.


  1. Vancouver is the orange one Deja Vu is the black and white one. :)

  2. Both are doing well and have been with me for about 10 weeks now. Renamed Tonka (black and white), he comes to me several times a day for brushing and petting and plays like a kitten. Renamed Ella (golden ginger), she comes dancing in for wet food dinners, plays daily with the cat toys, and sleeps against my legs most nights ... but still does not like to be brushed or petted. We are all quite happy in our home now ... and will continue to update on the progress! <3