Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Leap Day! $29 Rabbit Adoptions!

Happy Leap Day!

Come to Animal Friends on Leap Day (Wednesday, February 29), when we celebrate Adopt a Shelter Rabbit Month with $29 adoption specials for all of our little leapers! 

Adopt a rabbit or a bonded pair of rabbits for a $29 donation. 

Click here to meet adoptable bunnies now! 

As always, all adoption applications are thoroughly screened to ensure appropriate, loving and lifelong adoptions. 


  1. I posted your FB link of this on my blog's FB page and someone was wondering if that is clumping cat litter in the wading pool w/ the bunny. Hoping not. I do think your Leap Day special is a great idea though!
    Mary Ellen
    Rabbit Slippers Blog

  2. Thanks Mary Ellen, we are rather hoppy with the idea as well. And no, that is not clumping cat litter - we know (and preach) how dangerous that would be for rabbits. It is playsand, and the bunnies enjoy playing in it so much that when we bring it out, you can see their bodies twitch in anticipation. Maybe not all are beach bunnies, but the ones who are, truly entertain all who watch. We encourage our adopters to find creative ways to keep their rabbits engaged in life. A $6 bag of sand in a baby pool provides resistance for shoveling and plowing, as well as a great dance floor. Plus it doubles as a form fitting mattress to rest up after a day of playing. Thanks for sharing Mary Ellen.