Friday, April 19, 2013

Animal Friends presents: Eddie, the multi-talented Jack Russel!

Guest Blogger: Sharon Mariani

Just like the endearing little JRT on the hit TV series Frasier that Eddie is named after, he has been a smashing hit with everyone he has met.

Eddie has been a busy guy lately.

During a visit to WPXI-TV station Eddie immediately won the affection of Jennifer Abney who was filming 2 segments for Animal Friends.

As word spread through the news room, many others came into the studio to see the lovable little Eddie. Always a bit timid at first, he loves affection and quickly realized he had found a friend in Jennifer. So he cuddled-up on her lap and quietly laid there during the filming of both segments.

 (We actually think he may have fallen asleep for a few minutes, but he denies it) 

Eddie also traveled to Linda Mitzel's Photography Studio. His volunteer escort said he rides beautifully in the car. He began the ride on a soft blanket placed on the passenger's seat however, it wasn't long until he inched his way over onto her lap where he sat contently looking out the window. Once in the studio he was a bit overwhelmed at first, trembling a bit, but he quickly settled and took his place on a velvet sofa while having his adorable photos taken. 

Everyone at the studio fell in love, especially with Eddie's cute personality and  his white, wiry eyebrows.

Eddie is the ideal age, he has given up most of the JRT antics and prefers to take a few walks on the leash and laze the day away with his adult companions.

 He is gentle, sweet and so adorable!

We are looking forward to Eddie's newest role, which he'll be starring in shortly.   Loved and cherished: my life as a rescued shelter dog.

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