Monday, December 16, 2013

Baby Ready Pets Class Review

Hello! My husband and I participated in the Baby Ready Pets class back in July, and I just wanted to say thanks again for all the great info. We definitely felt like we had a good plan for introducing our newborn to our dog, Winston, and our two cats. 

Willow is 2 weeks old now and all the pets are doing great with her. The cats actually don't seem to notice her most of the time. Winston, on the other hand, is definitely curious, especially when Willow has a meltdown. :) 

We are continuing to stick to the information we learned in class - particularly the rule of never leaving our daughter unattended around the animals. We have also made a point to keep her elevated, which seems to encourage a lot more respect from Winston. We challenged him today by placing her on the floor for some supervised "tummy time." Winston did great - he sat and watched but made no attempt to interact with her. So proud of him!

Again, thanks so much for all of the info! We will definitely recommend the class to others in the area! 


Rachel & Alex

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