Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Animal Friends' Home-To-Home adoption program presents: Rocko!

Rocko has been with us since he was an adopted puppy. He's 5 years old, born 4th of July! He is a good, loyal, family dog. We believe he is a plott hound with possibly some lab in him. He loves to run and be on the outskirts of any park. He loves people and exercise. We used to ride bikes with him at our side. We now have a newborn and cannot regretfully give him the attention and exercise he needs. 

Rocko would be great with an outdoorsy family and/or one with lots of land for him to run freely on. He is good with kids after warming up and great with cats--has always lived with one.  Rocko would like to be the only dog in the home, however. Rocko also has Separation Anxiety Disorder. 

We hope we can find him an even better home for his temperament and one where he can get lots of attention!

If you can help Rocko find a home, please contact

Elisa Akpo-Esambe

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